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Land Development Fee Schedule

Fee Schedule 2011 – 2012 FISCAL YEAR (pdf)

2011–2012 FISCAL YEAR
(effective July 2, 2011)
1.  Improvement Plan Review    
   a. Single Family Initial Deposit Per Sheet (Actual Cost) $1,000.00
   b. Others Initial Deposit Per Sheet (Actual Cost) $2,500.00
2.  Single Family Review - Drainage Requirements (Flat Fee) $143.00
3.  Single Family Review - Road Requirements (Flat Fee) $144.00
4.  Site Plan Permit Review (Flat Fee) $473.00
5.  Lot Line Adjustment Review (Flat Fee) $449.00
6.  Minor Variance Review (Flat Fee) $473.00
7.  Drainage Study and/or Grading Plan Review Initial Deposit (Actual Cost) $520.00
8.  Drainage Inquiry (Department of Real Estate Report)   $640.00
9.  Flood Hazard Review (Flat Fee) $520.00
10.  Water Quality Management Plan Review Initial Deposit (Actual Cost) $2,500.00
11.  Water Quality Management Plan Inspection Initial Deposit (Actual Cost) $3,600.00
12.  Professional Consultation Appointment (per 1/2 hour) $75.00
13. Federal Flood Insurance Letter   $45.00
14.  Mileage Rate   $0.76/mile
15.  Plotting Service (minimum 3 square feet)   $0.60/sq.ft.
16. Bonding Process  
  A. New Securities (per project) (Actual Cost) $5,000.00
  B. Modification to Subdivision Securities
(including but not limited to time extensions, partial releases, security reductions, and final releases)
(Actual Cost) $2,500.00
  C. Foreclosure Costs   Varies
17. Road & Subdivision Standards & Specifications Book Each $40.00
Tax $3.60
Total $43.60

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