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Federal Projects/ FC Engineering

The Federal Projects/ Flood Control Engineering Division is primarily responsible for the preparation of plans and specifications for flood control improvement projects for the San Bernardino County Flood Control District (District), as well as coordinating the development of Federally sponsored flood control projects with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Recently completed Corps of Engineers’ projects include the construction of Seven Oaks Dam and San Timoteo Creek. The division also reviews improvement plans submitted by outside consultants or other government agencies, through the District’s Flood Control Permits Office, for compliance with District standards.


As-built Drawings and Topographic Maps

The division files and maintains all available as-built drawings of Flood Control District facilities, including facilities constructed by the Corps of Engineers. Limited topographic maps are also on file, mostly in developed areas. The scale and contour intervals vary. The as-builts and topographic maps are available at no charge to the public for review. Copies may be purchased at our office for a fee of $2.70 per sheet.


Right of Way Documents

The Right of Way Section of this division is responsible for surplus property investigations and determining the need for purchasing or disposing properties. This section also performs right of way engineering for flood control improvement projects. District right of way and easement documents are available at no charge to the public for review. Copies may be purchased at our office for a fee of $2.70 per sheet.

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Erwin Fogerson- Chief
(909) 387-7962
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