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Flood Control Planning Division is mainly responsible for long range advance planning and for coordinating flood control project development and funding with other agencies.

Long range Planning includes, planning investigations and project studies; preparing annual capital improvement reports, special reports and studies; preparing and/or reviewing Master Plans of Drainage; documenting flooding events and damages; and preparing and updating District?s maps, exhibits, and displays.

The Division conducts meetings with City Engineers for the respective flood zones. The meetings are designed to familiarize the City Engineers with flood control projects in planning, development and construction phases. District budget studies are also discussed.

The Division is responsible for maintaining the Department?s organizational chart, as well as, graphic displays and reports for use by the Department staff in presentations, public hearings, Board of Supervisors? meetings, etc.

The Federal Projects Section of the Division is responsible for coordinating the development of federally sponsored flood control projects with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Some of the federally sponsored projects in our County include the construction of Seven Oaks Dam and San Timoteo Creek.

The Division coordinates Water Spreading Activities with local water agencies that use District facilities to recharge underground aquifers.

Requests for information are available by calling our office at (909) 387-8120.

To obtain a permit to connect to or work in Flood Control facilities contact the Flood Control Permits/Operations Support Division at (909) 387-7995. See related web pages on this site.

Active Developer Fee Plans (Click to open plan): 
Project 3-5 area Upper Etiwanda Creek and San Sevaine Creek area

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Kenneth C. Eke, P.E. - Chief
(909) 387- 8120
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