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Soil Removal Permit Program

A permit must be obtained before any material can be removed from the District’s right-of-way. A permit application must be filled out with all appropriate information included by the permittee. If a permit request for 10,000 cubic yards or less is desired, the District may issue a permit within 48 hours or less. A material charge will apply based on the current Schedule of Fees Ordinance. Material quantities over 10,000 cubic yards will be made available through a competitive proposal process.

A listing of available surplus material is updated and posted to this web site at the first of each month. In addition, the District will post flyers to this web site advertising upcoming proposal dates for selected locations. These proposal notices may also be received via fax or email. Please contact the Permits office at 909-387-7995 to be added to the notification process. The successful Bidder will be issued a permit that may take two to four weeks for processing. A generic permit is available for review to become familiar with the permit provisions prior to submitting a proposal.

Current Flyers
  09/29/2015: San Timoteo
  01/16/2014: San Sevaine Basin
  06/11/2013: Amethyst Basin
  05/07/2013: San Timoteo
  11/14/2012: Day Creek
  09/20/2012: Deer Creek
  09/19/2012: Twin Creek
  08/30/2012: Twin Creek
  08/13/2012: San Sevaine

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