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Mission Statement

To enhance the quality of life for our communities by developing and maintaining public infrastructure, and providing a variety of municipal services that complements our natural resources and environment.


Lead the way to a thriving community through innovation in public works, fiscal responsibility, and environmental stewardship.


The embodiment of our core values will allow us to have a positive IMPACT on the citizens of our community:

  • Integrity
  • Mutual Respect
  • Public Safety
  • Accountability
  • Customer Service
  • Teamwork

Strategic Goals

  1. Surveyor - Provides timely map and plan check services for customer to allow the pace of development to proceed in a controlled and opportune manner.

  2. Transportation Division - Maintain the level of safety and maintenance for county maintained roads to help ensure the motoring public's well being.

  3. Solid Waste Management Division - Improve the efficiency of landfill space utilization to more effectively meet the public's future capacity needs.

  4. Flood Control District - Increase groundwater recharge services at flood control district facilities in support of maintaining adequate water supplies for the people of San Bernardino County.

Department Overview

The Department of Public Works was established on March 14, 2000, resulting from the Board approving a restructuring of the county's organization. The department includes divisions for Transportation, Flood Control, Solid Waste, and Surveyor. The department's responsibilities are to maintain county roads, administer special transportation projects, manage Surveyor functions, provide administrative oversights for the operation and management of the county's solid waste system and maintain a very extensive system of flood control and water conservation facilities.

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