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Kevin Blakeslee

Kevin Blakeslee
Deputy Director - Flood Control

Phone: (909) 387-7918

Kevin Blakeslee is the Deputy Director over the Flood Control District. His area of responsibilities includes the Flood Control Operations Division, which operates and maintains all County Flood Control District facilities and also reviews & issues permits and provides inspection services for work related to County flood control facilities; the Flood Control Planning Division, which conducts advance planning; the Federal Projects/Flood Control Engineering Division, which coordinates Federally funded projects such as the Santa Ana River Mainstem project and the San Timoteo Creek project and prepares plans and specifications for Flood Control District improvement projects such as channels, basins, and storm drains; and the Water Resources Division, which is responsible for flood plain analysis and review of development plans, flood plain management and hydrology (rainfall data, etc).


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