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Natural Disasters
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What is a Natural Disaster?

A natural disaster can occur at any time and without warning. Natural disasters can cause damage to life, property, and cut off basic services. In San Bernardino County we face the threat of natural disasters such as earthquakes, wildfires, and floods. There are also severe weather threats such as extreme heat or extreme cold that can threaten the health of individuals or groups in our communities.

Natural Disasters That Pose a Health Threat:
Possible natural disasters that could pose a threat to health in San Bernardino County:

photo of an earthquake

How can I prepare?

All San Bernardino County residents should prepare NOW for a natural disaster. There are many health risks associated with natural disasters including health effects from smoke, heat, cold, and unsafe food or water. You should be prepared to survive on your own with enough stored food, water, and supplies in your Emergency Supply Kit (Link to page in website). Personal preparedness for yourself and you family will help you to remain healthy and safe during a natural disaster. You can get ready in advance by learning more about the risks and health threats some natural disasters can cause.
bullet Extreme Heat Frequently Asked Questions
bullet Extreme Cold Prevention Guide
bullet Extreme Cold Frequently Asked Questions
bullet How Smoke Affects Your Health
bullet Smoke Impact
bullet Preparing for Public Health Emergencies
bullet Disaster Preparedness for Pets and Animals

How can I protect myself?

During a natural disaster you might not have access to food, water, and electricity for a while. A clean source of water should be your top priority. A power outage that lasts for more than two hours can be hazardous to food. During a disaster it is important to practice food safety, water safety, disease prevention, and know where to find alternate sources of food and water. Here are some ways to find and use safe food and water during an emergency.

bullet Know about Food Safety
bullet Know about Water Safety
bullet Be aware of health concerns and Safety in Power Outages
bullet Be aware of Emergency Food and Water sources, use, and storage
bullet Perform Hand Washing often to help prevent disease

How Will I be Notified in an Emergency?

In the event of an emergency, local officials, including the Department of Public health, would provide information and instructions to the public as quickly as possible. You will be notified either by radio, television, Internet, and any other means necessary. San Bernardino County residents can tune their radios to the following local stations that have been designated to provide critical information and emergency alerts.

Emergency Alert System (EAS)

San Bernardino County Emergency Information
Line (909) 355-8800 — Recorded Information Only

The EAS is a warning system to provide the public with immediate messages that affect life and property. EAS is a way to provide emergency information quickly by radio, television, and cable licensees to the public. During an emergency, tune to your local EAS radio broadcast stations listed below or a station in your area.

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EAS Stations:

95.1 FM KFRG Valley/High Desert
93.3 FM KBHR Big Bear Valley
98.9 FM KHWY High Desert
102.3 FM KZXY Victor Valley
107.7 FM KCDZ Morongo/Joshua Tree
1620 AM Caltrans Information

For more information on natural disasters visit the
California Department of Health Services Natural Disasters Information

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