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Recalls for Food Products

The Division of Environmental Health Services posts food recalls that affect California (either state-specific recalls or nationwide recalls).

Food recalls are posted on this page Monday – Friday, excluding holidays. Food recalls are posted on our social media sites (Facebook in English, Facebook en Español, Twitter in English, and Twitter en Español) on Mondays and Thursdays in a digest format.

You can also sign up to receive emails about food recalls by going to and clicking on “Sign Up for Free Recall Updates by Email.” You will receive recall information from the FDA and USDA via these emails.

If you have a Smartphone, you can download the “” app to view recalls on your phone. Additionally, you can type a product name into the app or use the app’s barcode scanner to see whether a product has been recalled.

05/20/15    ZYK Enterprises, Inc. Recalls Boneless Veal Trim Products Due to Possible Contamination with E. Coli O157:H7   
04/29/15    Waymouth Farms, Inc. Recalls Raw Pine Nuts Because of Possible Health   
04/22/15    Superior Nut & Candy Co., Inc. Recalls Pine Nuts Because of Possible Health Risk   
04/21/15    Whole Foods Market Voluntarily Recalls Packaged Raw Macadamia Nuts Due To Possible Health Risk   
04/13/15    Texas Pecan Company Voluntarily Recalls Macadamia Nuts and Products Containing Macadamia Nuts Because of Possible Salmonella Contamination   
04/13/15    Kanan Enterprises Conducts Nationwide Voluntary Recall of Macadamia Nuts   
04/09/15    Sabra Dipping Company Issues Nationwide Voluntary Recall of Select SKUs of Its Classic Hummus   
04/07/15    La Terra Fina Expands Voluntary Product Recall to Include a Single Lot of Its 10-Ounce Chunky Spinach Artichoke & Parmesan Dip & Spread, Due to Supplier Recall of Organic Spinach   
03/31/15    Carmel Food Group Recalls 3 Frozen Ravioli Items under Rising Moon   
03/24/15    Amy’s Kitchen Recalls Various Products Because of Possible Health Risk   
03/24/15    La Terra Fina Recalls Organic Spinach Dip Sold in Bay Area Costco Clubs   
03/24/15    Aurora Products, Inc. Voluntarily Recalls Certain Aurora Natural Brand and Certain Private Label Brand Walnuts and Trail Mixes Due to Possible Health Risk   
03/24/15    Voluntary Recall for Potential Health Risk O’Coconut ™   
03/18/15    Frontier Co-op Initiates Voluntary Class 1 Recall Due to Possible Health Risk from Organic Garlic Powder   
03/18/15    Trader Joe’s Recalls Raw Walnuts Because of Possible Health Risk   
02/26/15    Fairway “Like No Other Market” Recalls Fairway Brand Raw Hazelnuts (Filberts) Because of Possible Health Risk   
02/18/15    Hanbit Enterprises, Inc. dba Jack and the Beanstalk Recalls Soybean Sprouts Because of Possible Health Risk   
02/13/15    Sunfood Voluntarily Recalls Organic Sacha Inchi Powder Because of Possible Health Risk   
02/05/15    Aloha Voluntarily Recalls Line Of Premium Protein Products Due To A Possible Health Risk   
01/30/15    Ohio Firm Recalls Salami Products Due To Possible Temperature Abuse   
01/30/15    Freeland Foods Voluntarily Recalls Sunflower Seed Due to Potential Health Risk   
01/30/15    Arcadia Tradings Inc. Recalls Red Thread Fish Due To Possible Health Risk   
01/30/15    California Firm Recalls Chicken Stew Products Produced Without Benefit of Import Inspection   
01/23/15    Freeland Foods Voluntarily Recalls Spicy Seed Due To Potential Health Risk   
01/20/15    Illinois Firm Recalls Pork Products Produced Without Benefit of Inspection   
01/20/15    Inventure Foods, Inc. Issues Voluntary Recall Of Its Rader Farms® Fresh Start Smoothie Blend, Sunrise Refresh Fusion, And Daily Power Fusion Due To Possible Health Risk   
01/12/15    Bidart Bros. Works with Federal and State Officials to Determine Source of Listeriosis-Associated Outbreak   
01/12/15    The Santa Barbara Smokehouse Inc Voluntary Recall Because of Possible Health Risk   
01/09/15    California Firm Recalls Beef and Pork Products Due to Foreign Matter Contamination   
01/09/15    FDA Investigates Listeria monocytogenes Illnesses Linked to Caramel Apples   
01/06/15    Bleating Heart Cheese Expanding Voluntary Recall To Include All Cheese Produced Between February 14, 2014 To September 19, 2014   

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