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August 2012
Volume 2, Issue 4

We Need Your Input!

Pool Operators Would you be interested in attending a free educational workshop for pool operators? The Division of Environmental Health Services is considering holding a free workshop in the spring of 2013 before the pool season begins. A certificate would be awarded to attendees. We are trying to gauge interest in such an event, so if this is something you might consider attending, please let us know by emailing Amanda.Gaspard@dph.sbcounty.gov.

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New Amendments to the Public Pool and Spa Code

Caution Sign Did you know there have been several amendments to the public pool and spa code? These new requirements become effective on September 1, 2012. There are some new construction requirements, as well as a new section on spray grounds. Additionally, there are several new sign requirements.

Notice Sign This picture shows a great example of the new required sign about diarrhea.

For spray grounds, a sign must be posted that warns people not to drink the water since it is recirculated. This sign should be visible from all areas of the spray ground. Here's a good example of the type of sign needed.

Keep Closed Sign Here is an example of the type of signs that must now be posted on the exterior
side of gates and doors leading into the pool enclosure area.

You can click here to access the public pool and spa code, which includes the requirements that become effective on September 1. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us at 1-800-442-2283.

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Weekend Maintenance

Pool Cleaning This is a friendly reminder that your public pool or spa should receive daily care. The weather has been extremely hot lately, so people are trying to stay cool. Pools and spas are used a lot during the weekend, so remember to check chemical levels and other maintenance issues, even on weekend days.

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If you have any questions or comments, please contact Amanda Gaspard, Health Education Specialist,
at 800-442-2283 or Amanda.Gaspard@dph.sbcounty.gov.

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