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June 2013
Volume 3, Issue 3
Food Facility Industry Roundtable
Industry Roundtable

On April 17, 2013 the Division of Environmental Health Services held the third in our series of Food Facility Industry Roundtables. We had 81 operators from 38 different facilities in attendance, so we were very excited about the turn-out. We plan to hold the next roundtable in the fall.

If you would like to download the PowerPoint presentation from the Industry Roundtable, please click here.

Donated Food Flyer
Soup Kitchen

Is your food facility interested in donating food to a homeless shelter, soup kitchen, or other charity? According to the Health and Safety Code, “No food facility that donates food shall be subject to civil or criminal liability or penalty for violation of any laws, regulations, or ordinances for a violation occurring after the time of the donation.” Donating food to a food bank or other nonprofit charitable organization is a great way to help your community. Check out our flyer to learn more! The second page of the flyer contains related legal references from the Health and Safety Code.

New Fact Sheets
Fact sheets

We have published two new fact sheets on Salmonella and Shigella. Learn more about these diseases and how to prevent them on our Communicable Disease Profiles page. We feature information on a different foodborne, waterborne, or vector-borne illness each month.

National Seafood Month

June is National Seafood Month, and many of you may be enjoying fish and shellfish as a kick-off to summer. Make sure to clean hands, surfaces and utensils before and after preparation of fish, and separate raw seafood from cooked and ready-to-eat foods. Only buy fish that is refrigerated or displayed on a thick bed of fresh ice that is not melting (preferably in a case or under some type of cover). For more seafood safety tips during the month of June, check out our social media sites! You can also visit the FDA’s page Fresh and Frozen Seafood: Selecting and Serving it Safely for more helpful information on seafood.

Educational Materials for Retail Food Employees - Oral Culture Learner Project
Education Materials

The FDA has free resources available for food facilities and their employees. According to their website, “the materials have been designed for oral culture learners, which research has shown most food employees to be.” There are posters and videos available on topics such as cross-contamination, hot holding, and cooling. These free materials are available in several different languages. Visit to learn more.

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