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Animal Care & Control

Be a responsible pet owner by:


Taking care of your pet (give
your pet food, water, shelter,
vet care, and lots of love—
don't forget to groom your pet
and help keep them active)

bullet Keeping your pet restrained
(always keep your pet on a
leash when going outside,
unless you are in your own
yard, but even then you
need to make sure that
your pet cannot escape)
bullet Providing your pet with
ID (all pets should wear
collars with ID tags that
have their name and
their owner's name,
address, and phone
number. Even if the pet
lives indoors—you never
know what might happen!)



Bowl of dog food
Spaying and Neutering is Pet Positive logo
bullet Licensing a dog over four months of age to show that it has been protected against rabies
bullet Having your pet spayed/neutered
(there are already too many
homeless animals in the world)
bullet Training your pet (a well-trained
pet is more pleasant to be
around and you will enjoy
spending time with them)

Don’t forget about livestock! View
the Livestock Confinement flyer for more information.

Remember: There are no problem pets, just problem owners! So do your part and be a good pet owner!

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