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Animal Care & Control

Educational Materials


A dog may bite if…

Be a responsible dog owner

Breaking the barking habit

Bringing your new dog home

Canine courtesy

Canine Parvovirus

Citronella spray collars

Confine your dog to your property

Does your dog bark?

Dog behavior facts

Dog bite prevention tips

Doggie danger

Dog nipping

Dog training tips for 3 common problem behaviors

General dog care

Getting a second dog

Have you walked your dog today?

How to obtain a dog license

Housetraining puppies and retraining adult dogs

How to housebreak your dog

If you love 'em, leash 'em

Keep your pets safe around water

Meeting the needs of home alone dogs

Noisy animals are nobody's "best friend"

Nuisance animal noise

Protect those paws (dog boots)

Punishment doesn't work

Puppy proofing your house

Reading canine body postures

Separation anxiety

Socializing your puppy

The backyard dog

The benefits of Dog Licensing

Tips on approaching and dealing with dogs

You may be the perfect dog owner if you…

Pet Care Tips

Adopting a cat?

Adopting a dog?

Adopting an adult dog?

An ID tag could be your pets only chance to get home

Are you ready for a pet?

Bird care

Choosing the best pet for your family

Consider adopting an adult cat or dog

Exotic animals as pets

Fish care

Gerbil care

Guinea pig care

Hamster care

Horse care—guidelines for horse owners

Make sure you are ready to welcome your new pet

Mouse care

New pet checklist

No table scraps please

Pet reptiles

Rabbit care

Rat care

Should you get a dog?

The 5 best reasons for adopting an older dog

Want to adopt a pet..wait just a minute

Disaster Preparedness for Pets

Disaster preparedness for your pets

Disaster preparedness kit for pets

Emergency pet preparedness

HSUS disaster preparedness for horses

HSUS disaster preparedness for livestock

HSUS disaster preparedness for pets

Pet alert sticker

Pet first aid kit

Who will protect your pet? (disasters affect animals too)

Worksheet: disaster planning for your pets


Bats & rabies

Bears ... tips on living with wildlife

Bobcats and mountain lions

Controlling nuisance skunks, raccoons, & opposums

Coyotes: tips on living with wildlife

Coyotes ... keep me wild

Deer ... tips on living with wildlife

Encountering wildlife

Skunk spray remedy

Urban coyotes

What to do and what not to do in rattlesnake country




Be a responsible cat owner

Bringing your new cat home

Cats and kids

Feline Panleukipenia

General cat care

Helping your cats claw their way to success

Introducing a new cat

Paws come with claws

Soft Paws

Suggestions for converting outdoor cats to indoor cats

The litter box blues

Urine spraying

What an indoor cat misses ... Nothing!

What you should know about Toxoplasmosis

When baby makes four

Why kitty is not using the litter box

You may be the perfect cat owner if you...

Dog & Cat Tips

A pain in the neck

Air travel tips

Car travel tips

Grooming your pet

Important phone numbers for your pet

Keeping track of your pet

Moving with your pets

Pet owner's guide

Perfect nails

Poisonous plants around the house

Protect your pet from pet theft

Protect your pet -- secondhand smoke and your pet

The benefits of being a pet owner

The dangers of leaving a pet in the car

Tips on finding a lost pet

Upper respiratory infections

What diseases should I protect my pet against?

What you should know about external parasites

What you should know about heartworm disease

When a pet dies

Just for Kids

15 dogs, 45 cats, and you

A License to live

ACC activity book

Careers for animal lovers

Disaster preparedness worksheet

Do you really want one?

Don't abandon unwanted pets

Don't give Easter pets

Exotic pet problems

Horse sense

Household hazards for pets

How to hold a puppy or kitten

Is your dog a good citizen?

Keep your cat inside at night

Litter can kill pets and wildlife

Pick it up!

Poisonous plants around the house

Remember animals go barefoot

Rodents and rabbits need to gnaw

Safety around animals

Snake appreciation

Some do's and don'ts on handling pets and other animals

Some sun is good, too much can be bad

Tell your dog or cat "I love you" with an ID tag

Think before you get a pet

What to do about baby birds

Yarn is not a safe toy for kittens


4th of July safety tips for pets

Cold weather tips

Easter pets

Halloween safety tips for pets

Hot weather tips

Keep your pets safe as you celebrate thanksgiving

Love on Valentine's Day

Protect your pets this holiday season


Spay and neutering services - low cost

The truth about spaying/neutering pets

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