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Animal Care & Control

Youth Involvement Projects

You must be 18 years of
age to volunteer at our
agency. However, there
are other ways that you
can help the animals in
your community. Here are
some ideas to help you
get started. NOTE: Items
marked with an asterisk
(*) are especially needed.

Cat Litter or
Newspaper Collection

The shelter can always
use donations of cat litter or small bags of newspaper (no glossy ads – they are too slippery for the cats) to line the cages.

Food Donations
Donations of kitten, puppy, cat, and dog food (wet and dry) are always appreciated! In addition, *puppy and *kitten formulas (you can buy these from a pet store) are always helpful so that staff can foster young animals that have no mother.

Biscuit Drives
You can collect bags or boxes of dog biscuits and cat treats or better yet you can bake your own and wrap them up as a gift. *(If your school has a home economics class you can ask the teacher for permission to have students make treats for the homeless animals – just make sure all the ingredients are pet friendly!)

Towel and Blanket Drive
Shelter animals enjoy cuddling with *blankets and *towels. They are also used at the shelter to dry the animals after they receive a bath.

Girl with poodle

Toy Drives
When someone adopts a pet from the shelter they can be given a new (donated) toy to take home with their pet. You can help by setting up a collection point for toy donations (i.e. supermarkets, pet stores, etc.) and then bringing them to the shelter. You can also gift wrap these toys and write a note “from the animals” to the new owners.

Penny Drive
You can set up collection points in your classroom and around your school. If every person donates just a penny you can raise hundreds of dollars to donate to the shelter!

Aluminum Can Drive
You can collect aluminum cans and donate the money you receive to your local animal shelter. This is a great project because not only do you help the homeless animals, but you benefit the environment at the same time!

Host a Donation Drive such
as a Walk-A-Thon, Car Wash,
or a School Dance and donate
the proceeds to the animal

For more information, please
call our Volunteer Coordinator
at (800) 472-5609.


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