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California voters passed Proposition 63 in November 2004, the Mental Health Services Act, (MHSA) with 53.4% of the vote. Now, through the provisions of the MHSA, the challenges become the opportunities to fund a community mental health system that adequately meets the needs of children, adults, and older adults with serious mental illness and reduces the long-term adverse impact resulting from untreated serious mental illness. To get more information regarding the Mental Health Services Act (Proposition 63), visit theCalifornia Department of Health Care Serviceswebsite.

MHSA Three-Year Plan and Annual Plan Updates in Chronological Order

  1. CSS Three Year Plan FY 05-06, FY 06-07, and FY 07-08 02/07/2006
  2. CSS Plan Initial County Response 05/19/2006
  3. CSS FY 08-09 Plan Update 11/26/2008
  4. CSS FY 08-09 Plan Update II 04/01/2009
  5. CSS FY 09-10 Plan Update 03/31/2009
  6. CSS FY 09-10 Plan Update II 06/26/2009
  7. CSS FY 10-11 Plan Update 05/11/2010
  8. CSS FY 10-11 Plan Update Resubmission 06/07/2010
  9. CSS FY 10-11 Plan Update Resubmission II 06/11/2010
  10. CSS FY 11-12 Plan Update 04/11/2011
  11. CSS FY 12-13 Plan Update 06/21/2012
  12. CSS FY 13-14 Plan Update 06/20/2013

MHSA Annual Update

MHSA Annual Update FY 2013-2014

MHSA Integrated Plan:

Approved MHSA Integrated Three-Year Plan FY 14/15 – 16/17 New!

MHSA Three-Year Integrated Plan FY 14/15 - 16/17 Public Hearing (English/Spanish)

MHSA Three-Year Integrated Plan FY 14/15 – 16/17 – Posting Update

MHSA Integrated Three-Year Plan FY 14/15 – 16/17 – Community Program Planning Presentation


MHSA Issue Resolution Process

Latest State Notices

MHSA State Notices

CPAC Handouts

Evaluation Brief


Network of Care

Network of Care is an internet resource guide and "community” for individuals, families and agencies concerned with mental and emotional health issues.

Network of Care Website

Program Dispatches

Program Dispatches

MHSA Documents

The following MHSA Programs are currently IN OPERATION.

Local/County Community Planning

The Mental Health Services Act offers San Bernardino County the opportunity to renew its focus on reaching out to the stakeholder network and building capacity for comprehensive and ongoing system planning, implementation and evaluation. The Department of Behavioral Health has established a committee structure and membership that includes stakeholder and consumer groups to assist with the community planning process. The organization structure also reflects proposed staffing plans to support the Program Planning process.

Community Program Planning

Community Services and Supports

Through the community planning process, San Bernardino County identified priority community issues that formed the foundation for preparation of the CSS plan and various program proposals for the four age specific target populations.

MHSA CSS Three-Year Program and Expenditure Plan

Demographic Research used in the San Bernardino County MHSA CSS Plan

MHSA CSS Programs

Housing Plan

The San Bernardino County Mental Health Services Act (MHSA) Housing Plan calls for the creation of 150 new units of dedicated permanent supportive housing for individuals with serious mental illness (SMI) who are homeless or at significant risk of becoming homeless (as defined by the State of California MHSA Housing Program) and who otherwise meet the State of California MHSA Housing Program target population description.

Housing Plan

MHSA Housing Program Guidelines for Applications

Prevention and Early Intervention

San Bernardino County Department of Behavioral Health and their stakeholder committee have determined that the plan for the MHSA Prevention and Early Intervention (PEI) and the projects proposed to implement the plan are designed to meet: 1) the priorities identified by local community stakeholders, 2) the key community health needs and priority populations outlined in the MHSA PEI guidelines, and 3) the need to develop a transformation system that recognized prevention and Early Intervention as the cornerstone to building a comprehensive, community-responsive, recovery focused system of care.

  1. PEI Component Plan Revision 09/04/2008
  2. PEI Expansion Plan FY 08-09 03/18/2009
  3. PEI Expansion Plan 10/15/2012

Workforce Education and Training

San Bernardino County’s Workforce Education and Training component of the Three-Year Program and Expenditure Plan addresses the shortage of qualified individuals who provide services in San Bernardino County’s Public Mental Health System. This includes community based organizations and individuals in solo or small group practices who provide publicly funded mental health services to the degree they comprise our county’s Public Mental Health System workforce. This Workforce Education and Training component is consistent with and supportive of the vision, values, mission, goals, objectives and proposed actions of California’s MHSA Workforce Education and Training Five-Year Strategic Plan (Five-Year Plan), and San Bernardino County’s current MHSA Community Services and Supports component.

WET Plan

Capital Facilities and Information Technology

San Bernardino County DBH intends to use Capital Facilities funds to increase the San Bernardino County’s infrastructure to produce long-term impacts with lasting benefits that will move its mental health system toward the goals of wellness, recovery and resiliency. The increased infrastructure will include the development of community-based facilities that will provide expanded opportunities for accessible community-based services. The Information Technology Component will modernize and transform information systems and increase consumer and family empowerment. The projects will also provide technology solutions to significantly improve quality of care through current and accurate accounting of consumer mental health history.

Capital Facilities Plan

Information Technology Plan


The voters of the State of California passed the Mental Health Services Act (MHSA) in November 2004. The purpose and intent of the MHSA is "to reduce the long-term adverse impact on individuals, families and sate and local budgets resulting from untreated serious, mental insure that all funds are expended in the most cost effective manner.... to ensure accountability to taxpayers and to the public." To accomplish this purpose, funding is provided to adequately address the mental health needs of unserved and underserved populations by expanding and developing services and supports that have proven to produce successful outcomes, are considered to be innovative, cultural and linguistically competent, community based, consumer and family oriented, and consistent with evidence-based practices. MHSA represented the first opportunity in many years for the California Department of Mental Health (DMH) to provide increased funding, personnel and other resources to support county mental health programs and monitor progress toward statewide goals for children, transition age youth, adults, older adults and families.

MHSA Innovation Plan 2010

MHSA Innovation Plan 2014

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Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA MHSA)

California Institute for Mental Health (CIMH MHSA) Resources for Planning & Implementation of the Mental Health Services Act (MHSA - Formerly Proposition 63).

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