MHSA Archive

State Department of Mental Health Announces First
Proposition 63 Funding for California Counties
- May 13, 2005

Mental Health Services Act Funding Distribution
for Local Community Planning Processes
- May 13, 2005

Community Services and Supports Plan

State DMH MHSA Workgroup Schedule

One Stop TAY Center

Adult - Consumer-Operated Peer-Support Services and Clubhouse Expansion

Adult Forensic Integrated Mental Health Services

Adult Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) Team for High Utilizers of Hospital and Jail Services

Adult Crisis Walk-In Centers

Adult Psychiatric Triage Diversion Team at County Hospital

Comprehensive Child/Family Support System (CCFSS)

Circle of Care: System of Development

Older Adult Full Service Partnership


San Bernardino County DBH MHSA Meeting Schedule

State DMH MHSA Workgroup Schedule


San Bernardino MHSA

MHSA Agenda Item (15-Feb-2005)

MHSA FAS Contract Transmittal


Links to State MHSA Documents and Sites

Readers Guide to MHSA

State CSS Plan  Final Draft

State CSS Technical Assistance documents.

California DMH MHSA Implementation Guide

California DMH Letters & Information Notices

DMH Mental Health Services Act (MHSA) Community Services and Supports Program

County Funding Request For MHSA Community Program Planning (Letter 05-01)

Recovery Based Program Inventory

Program and Expenditure Plan (3-Year)

Considerations for Embedding Cultural Competency
California Department of Mental Health (DMH) Stakeholder Input Process

Performance Measurement Design

Suicide Prevention Intervention Discussion Document




County of San Bernardino
Department of Behavioral Health



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