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InSyst Training Request Form




DBH and Contract Agencies employees requesting authorizations to access the InSyst (SIMON) database are required to complete the following information and attend InSyst (SIMON) training. Trainings are conducted every Thursday or Friday depending on availability at the ISD facility located at:


670 East Gilbert Street

San Bernardino, CA 92415

Phone: (909) 388-5500

MHS and ADS trainings alternate every other week. You will be contacted with a training date after DBH Information Technology has received your registration request.

Training Information

  Select All That Apply: MHS Clerical Training
DAS Clerical Training
Clinician Training
Clerical Refresher
Clinical Refresher
  Select One Only: Data Entry
Data Inquiry (Look-up ONLY)

Trainee Information  (* Required Fields)

* Employee Name:
* Employee's Email Address:
* Clinic Name:        
* Clinic Phone:
* Reporting Unit #:
* Print Queue:
* Authorizations Like: (Authorized user with similar duties)
  Supervisor's Name:
* Supervisor's Email Address:
("Supervisors: Please make sure the employee name is correctly spelled as that it is how it will be entered when setting the user up in Simon and can NOT be changed once it's entered.")

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