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InSyst Staff Master Worksheet Update


The completion of this form is required to update staff information.  Submit this form to DBH Information Technology by using the submit button at the bottom of this page.   You may E-mail or call the Help Desk at (909) 884-4884 if you require assistance.

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  Simon Staff Number:
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  Termination Date
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  National Provider Identifier (NPI)

    License/Certificate Information

  If your "License Status" is Licensed or Pre-Licensed please complete the information below.
Licensed staff must submit a copy of license to DBH-IT. Fax # 909-38
  Certified/Registered #
  (ex. 30-SEP-2004)


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    Medicare Required Information

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  (ex. 07/19/2012)
  (ex. 07/19/2012)
    (ex. 06-2004)