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Interim Instruction Notice 15-003 New!
In accordance with California Pharmacy Law, DBH is prohibited from repacking medications. If DBH staff were to fill pill organizers this would be considered repackaging; therefore, effective the date of this Notice, DBH prohibits staff from placing medication in pill organizers. Registered Nurses (RN) can educate and train clients while the client places medications in organizers. DBH understands our clients may request assistance with medication management and plans to assist in providing alternative resources.

Information Notice 15-02 New!
This Information Notice serves as notice to DBH staff and its contract agencies of an invalid procedure code.

Interim Instruction Notice #15-002 New!
San Bernardino County Department of Behavioral Health (DBH) has complied with State and Federal requirements to transition all behavioral health diagnosis coding from ICD-9 to ICD-10-CM codes. This Information Notice provides guidance on the chart documentation requirements related to the ICD-10-CM transition. Additional guidance related to other chart documentation requirement changes per Department of Health Care Services’ (DHCS) requirements will be provided in a future Information Notice as soon as DHCS official guidance is provided.
Affected Forms:

Interim Instruction Notice #06-004
To inform DBH staff and contract agencies that a list of staff working for the Department of Behavioral Health (Staff Directory) and a list of Fee for Service Providers, for all regions in San Bernardino County, can be provided to consumers requesting services at any clinic (DBH or Contract). The lists can also be given to family members of consumers.

Interim Instruction Notice #11-002
Email encryption is now recognized as a best practice for organizations responsible for protected health information (PHI) privacy and security. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) requirement that PHI sent via email must be encrypted for the email to be considered secure is the catalyst of this email policy change for DBH.

ADP Bulletin 10-09 - DMC Claims OHC
This Bulletin provides additional clarification for counties and direct contract providers to submit Drug Medi-Cal (DMC) claims for beneficiaries who have other health coverage (OHC).

APS Healthcare
The California Department of Mental Health (DMH) is charged with the responsibility of evaluating the quality of specialty mental health services provided to beneficiaries enrolled in the Medi-Cal managed mental health care program.

CSI Project
As you are aware the California Department of Mental Health has mandated sweeping changes in CSI reporting to compliment the Mental Health Services Act that begins July 1, 2006. To complement the changes and assist the department’s Mental Health providers in making this data capture/reporting migration, a project has been initiated to make this endeavor as smooth and error free as possible.

The California Outcomes Measurements System (CalOMS) is a data collection system used to report information to the state Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs (ADP).

CANS-SB (Child and Adolescent Needs and Strengths San Bernardino)
This site is designed to be used by DBH staff & DBH contract providers who are implementing the CANS-SB.

Out-of-County MediCal Authorization Numbers
Use these toll-free telephone numbers to get authorizations for customers who have Out-of-County MediCal. (Ex. If a customer is a Los Angeles County MediCal recipient you will need to call the Access Unit for Los Angeles County for authorization in order to provide treatment for the customer.) County Codes.

Training Registration Request
DBH and Contract employees requesting authorizations to access the InSyst (SIMON) database are required to complete the following information and attend InSyst (SIMON) training.

California Mental Health Laws and Regulations
The 2008 edition of the California Mental Health Laws and Regulations purpose is to provide a convenient resource for the government and private sectors, mental health professionals, attorneys, clients, advocates, and the general public to identify California's mental health statutes and regulations.


Change Order Log



Departmental Forms - The purpose of this page is to provide a centralized location to access all the forms used in the Department of Behavioral Health.

CDI Correction Form - The purpose of this form is to submit the processing of service deletions and corrections in the San Bernardino Information Management Online Network (SIMON) using a Charge Data Correction Invoice. Fill out the form completely and fax it to the DBH Business Office at (909) 382-3060.

Universal CDI - The purpose of the Charge Data Invoice (CDI) is to provide data relevant to services that have been provided so that billing or other cost allocation may be done.

Episode Transfer Procedure - The purpose of this procedure is to transfer an episode from one reporting unit number to another.

Medi-Cal Certification Process - To establish the departmental procedures to control and monitor the Medi-Cal certification process for a contract provider who has a valid contract with the department and has requested certification. Certification allows the provider and subsequently the department to bill the State Department of Mental Health for Medi-Cal services. The certification process will normally be twenty-two to thirty-one days in duration.

Staff Master Worksheet - The information obtained on this form will be used for assigning a “SIMON” number for computerized billing and preparing your Medicare PIN application. This form must be completed by the end of the employee’s second day of employment.

Staff Master Worksheet Update - The information obtained on this form will be used to update current “SIMON” number holder's information for computerized billing. This form must be completed whenever there is any changes such as renewed license date, change of name, etc....

State Informing Materials - Consumer Guides.

Relias Access Form - This form is used by DBH Contract Providers to request access to Relias for their staff.



MHS Reference Manual - This is the MHS Reference Manual that is distributed to all InSyst (SIMON) trainees during training. This manual has all the data entry/look-up instructions for all clerical duties related to Simon.

ADS Reference Manual - This is the ADS Reference Manual that is distributed to all InSyst (SIMON) trainees during training. This manual has all the data entry/look-up instructions for all clerical duties related to Simon.

Direct Services Upload Manual  - This manual covers the process requirements for the Direct Services Import.

InSyst User Guide - This is the InSyst User Guide that has all the data entry/look-up instructions for all InSyst (Simon) related duties.

InSyst Reports Reference Guide - These reports are created by the Echo Group staff as a guide to help users understand reports generated by the InSyst application.

InSyst Update - This release contains bug fixes, new modules, and enhancements to existing functionality. - Recently Updated 12/10/2010

Standard Practice Manual - Please see the Department of Behavioral Health Standard Practice Manual, which describes the role and function of each office, as well as the policies and procedures that guide us in the delivery of high quality services.

Scope of Practice and Billing Guide - This guide is intended to support and assist you in providing excellence in Behavioral Health care, including successful compliance with all governing regulations, rules and billing policies.

Outpatient Chart Manual - Please visit the Department of Behavioral Health Outpatient Manual to review the processes, procedures, and forms that accompany treatment and service delivery.

Code of Conduct - This Code of Conduct sets the tone of operation and specifies the values of the organization. All staff and volunteers must strictly adhere to this Code of Conduct

Cultural Competency Plan - The state of California continues to experience population growth in various ethnic groups. Population growth has presented several cultural and linguistic challenges. According to the Surgeon General's Report, Mental Health: Culture, Race and Ethnicity 2001 and the Little Hoover Commission 2000, "minorities receive treatment at a rate that is even lower than that of the general population. Ethnic minority populations appear to bear a greater burden from unmet mental health needs and suffer a greater loss to their overall health and productivity". "As California's population has grown in size and diversity, the mental health system has strained to keep up with the need for care (Little Hoover Commission)".

Simon Update Training - This one hour webinar is being offered every Tuesday at 9am and again on Thursday at 3pm, from April 26th through June 30th, 2011. Please enroll for only one session.



Mental Illness Arrest - What Do I Do -Click Mental Illness Arrest to view a step-by-step guide to help families cope with the criminal justice system in San Bernardino County when a family member who suffers from a mental illness is arrested.

Dashboard for Contractor - The Dashboard provides both DBH Clinics and Contract Providers a quick broad-brush assessment of our client services along with goals. These reports also assist in establishing performance indicators that are focused on client care and treatment. Behind each page is a detailed report that breaks the information into reporting units.

HIPPA Self Assessment Worksheet



PSP129 - Reporting Unit Master Address List (Excel Format)  (Text Format) - A listing of all the reporting units #s with their name, address & phone #.

Contractors Compliance Committee Meeting

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