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Services are provided in clinics within the four regions (Central Valley, Desert/Mountain, East Valley, West Valley) of the County of San Bernardino. At these clinics, clients can get behavioral health screening, help with medication and support services.

For those requesting or receiving Mental Health Services; San Bernardino County Department of Behavioral Health provides consumers with quality Mental Health Services regardless of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, political belief, disability, marital status or age.

Guide to Medi-Cal Mental Health Services
  (English) (Spanish) (Large Fonts) Revised July 01, 2005

Fee-for-service network provider lists contain the names of all fee-for-service providers who are:

  1. Credentialed with the San Bernardino County Mental Health Plan.
  2. In good standing (i.e., license is current, malpractice insurance is in effect, etc).
  3. Have not indicated that they are not accepting Medi-Cal consumers.

The fact that a provider is on one of these lists does not indicate that they currently have openings for new clients. Some providers may have openings, others may not, and still others may have waiting lists.

We recommend that clinicians who are giving the names of FFS providers to consumers; notify those consumers at the time the referrals are given that some of the providers may not have openings. Because the status of a provider's practice is always in flux, it is not possible to remove or reinstate providers names on the lists based upon their having openings.

If in using these lists clinicians or clinic supervisors discover information which is factually incorrect (e.g., telephone numbers or addresses which are in error, specialty information which is not valid), please contact Access Unit, at 381-2420.

Provider Lists
FFS Providers by Area  
PPS Proveedores Por Area En Español  
Updated 08/02/16  
DBH Staff Provider Directory  
Departamento de Salud Mental Lista de Proveedores En Español  
Updated 04/05/16  
Organizational Provider List  
Departamento de Salud Mental/Proveedores En Español  
Updated 04/05/16  
Consumer Resources
Mental Health  
Suicide Prevention Awareness  
San Bernardino County 211  
Problem Resolution Materials

Access Unit
303 E. Vanderbilt Way
San Bernardino, CA 92415
(909) 386-8256
1(888) 743-1478
Dial 711 for TTY users
Fax (909) 890-0353

Call or write the Access Unit where forms & envelopes are available in clinics and office lobbies.

Notice of Action - A (English) (Spanish)  - The NOA-A (Assessment) form is used when the MHP or its provider assesses a Medi-Cal beneficiary and determines that the beneficiary does not meet medical necessity criteria and no specialty mental health services will be provided. The NOA-A form was modified to include information regarding appeals and expedited appeals.

Notice of Action - B (English) (Spanish)  - The NOA-B (Denial of Services) form is used when a provider requests payment authorization for a specialty mental health service in which MHP denies or modifies the provider's request and the beneficiary did not receive the service. The NOA-B form was modified to include information regarding appeals and expedited appeals.

Notice of Action - C (English) (Spanish)  - The NOA-C (Post-Service Denials) form is used when a provider requests payment authorization for a specialty mental health service and the MHP denies or modifies the provider's request and the beneficiary already received the service. This is a new form that reads "this is not a bill" so that the beneficiary knows that s/he is not responsible for the cost of the service rendered but retrospectively denied or modified.

Notice of Action - D (English) (Spanish)  - The NOA-D (Delayed Grievance/Appeal Decisions) is a new form to be used when the MHP does not provide the resolution of a grievance, appeal, or expedited appeal within the required time frames.

Notice of Action - E (English) (Spanish)  - The NOA-E (Lack of Timely Services) is a new form to be used when the MHP does not provide services in a timely manner according to their own standards for timely services.

Notice of Action - Back (English) (Spanish)  - The NOA-Back is the backside of all NOA forms and was modified to include information about appeals, expedited appeals, and expedited SFHs, and delete references to grievances.

Grievance Poster - This poster defines the process for a grievance, appeal, and a request for State Fair Hearing.

State Fair Hearing Rights Poster - This poster notifies Medi-Cal beneficiaries of State Fair Hearing rights.

Grievance Forms (English) (Spanish)  - A grievance is an oral or written expression of your dissatisfaction about any matter other than an Action (as action is defined).

Appeal Forms (English) (Spanish)  - An appeal is an oral or written request for review of an action (as action is defined). An oral appeal must be followed up in writing.

An ACTION is defined as:

  1. Denies or limits authorization of requested service, including the type or level of service;
  2. Reduces, suspends, or terminates a previously authorized service;
  3. Denies, in whole or in part, payment for a service;
  4. Fails to provide services in a timely manner, as determined by the MHP or;
  5. Fails to act within the timeframes for disposition of standard grievances, the resolution of standard appeals or the resolution of expedited appeals.

State Fair Hearings (SFH) Call 800-952-5253
File an Appeal or for a State Fair Hearing if received an ACTION.

Second Opinion Forms (English) (Spanish)  - The Mental Health Plan will provide a second opinion by a licensed mental health professional employed by, contracting with or otherwise made available by the MHP when the MHP or its providers determine that the medical necessity criteria have not been met and that the beneficiary is, therefore, not entitled to any specialty mental health services from the MHP. The MHP shall determine whether the second opinion requires a face-to-face encounter with the beneficiary.

Change of Provider Request - (English) (Spanish)

Advance Health Care Directive Brochure (English) (Spanish) - This brochure explains your right to make healthcare decisions and how you can plan now for your medical care if you are unable to speak for yourself in the future. Este folleto explica su derecho a tomar una decisión medica y como usted puede planear su cuidado medico en caso de que en un futuro usted no pudiera hacerlo por sí mismo.

Important Information: NOPP (English) (Spanish) - Your health information is personal and private, and we must protect it. This notice tells you how the law requires or permits us to use and disclose your health information. Este anuncio describe como la información protegida de salud obtenida acerca de usted puede ser usada y revelada, a sí mismo como también presenta información de cómo puede usted obtener acceso a su información.

EPSDT Brochure (English) (Spanish)


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