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The County of San Bernardino is frequently the recipient of items such as artifacts for the Museum, trees to be planted in parks, vehicles, event tickets and real property offered to the County as gifts. The County Board of Supervisors accepts donations and gifts offered to the County for the use, benefit and advantage of the citizens of San Bernardino County or other public purpose. In addition, donations may be made at the behest of elected officials for legislative, governmental or charitable purposes.

The State of California Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) Regulations 18944.1 and 18944.2 require that agencies receiving gifts prepare and post the California Form 802-Tickets Provided by Agency Report and/or the California Form 801-Gift to Agency Report, respectively. These reports, along with the County policy governing the distribution of tickets, are available here.

Link to County of San Bernardino policy for distribution of tickets and passes provided to the County. 
Click here to access the County of San Bernardino Gift to Agency Reports (California Form 801), Tickets Provided to Agency Reports (California Form 802), and/or Behested Payment Reports (California Form 803).
Click here to review report of time-sensitive gifts or donations not subject to Fair Political Practices Commission reporting.
Link to the California Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC), which establishes and enforces regulations regarding reporting of agency gifts (Form 801-Gift to Agency Report), tickets (Form 802-Tickets Provided by Agency Report), and behested payments (Form 803-Behested Payments Report).

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