Strategic Initiatives

The Strategic Initiatives Group, under the County Administrative Office, manages and oversees centralized fiscal functions for the departments involved in land development services and coordinates administrative, operational, and technological process improvement.

In support of the Accela Automation Land Management system upgrade, the County Administrative Office has taken the lead in facilitating the establishment of business processes to support an enterprise approach to land development permitting and licensing. Coordinated and unified financial and operational processes, as well as improved customer access and interfaces, are necessary to establish and continually improve the enterprise building permit system and ensure improved operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. Key among these is the coordinated management of trust accounts (developer deposits) and payment processing.




We are an enterprise team that promotes the development of a collaborative culture of continuous improvements which results in simple, easy to understand, consistent, and reliable processes.

  • We promote an increase in customer satisfaction by removing the complexity from processes.
  • We support the creation of scalable delivery models of shared/centralized infrastructure for significant overlapping of fiscal and operational functions.
  • We increase the visibility and focus on enterprise Performance Standards to allow the County to be more agile, adaptive, and responsive to development projects and transform the entire organization to embrace the “Voice of the Customer”.

Goals & Objectives


Improve County Government Operations

  • Maintain an Enterprise focus on all Land Management functions, continuously improving public-facing communication and operational tools establishing a sustainable, best-in-class model.
  • Support the Development Community and Public by creating a predictable and user-friendly operational model together with consistent messaging that will encourage investment in the County.

Create, Maintain and Grow Jobs and Economic Value in the County

  • Provide stable leadership, consistent decision-making, and efficient processing to inspire confidence in investors and ensure a business-friendly environment.

Operate in a Fiscally-Responsible and Business-Like Manner

  • Create a center of excellence for trust account and fiscal management that reduces County financial risk, provides clear communication to public, and achieves operational efficiencies.
  • Encourage development growth through ongoing process analysis and improvements that streamline processes and provide a best-in-class model.

Billy McCall
Business Process Consultant