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The San Bernardino County Grants Office frequently supports trainings throughout the county and sends valuable grant opportunities out to nonprofits and county employees. If your organization would like to receive information regarding grant opportunities and upcoming trainings, please click on the link.
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Welcome to the San Bernardino County Grants Office

About Us
The San Bernardino County Grants Office was created in 2006 by the Board of Supervisors to assist county departments and community benefit organizations in applying for grant opportunities to advance the Vision and Mission of the County, which is ultimately to positively serve and enhance the well-being of all residents. While the Grants Office does not offer direct funding for programs, it does offer a variety of grant-related support and resource services to the entire county.

The San Bernardino County Grants Office is part of the County Administrative Office that is located within the San Bernardino County Government Center.
Mission Statement
The mission of the San Bernardino County Grants Office is to support county government and community benefit organizations by fostering organizational capacity for the overall betterment of the community.
Vision Statement
To be a platform to secure additional resources to assist in creating a safe, clean, and healthy environment that appeals to families and individuals, and attracts the best in business and industry.
The goals of the San Bernardino County Grants Office are to:
  • Increase overall sustainability
  • Establish, cultivate, and promote relations
  • Enhance organizational proficiency
  • Provide valuable resources and tools