Fire Safety Information to Keep Our Forests Healthy and Your Property Safe

Fire Prevention Regulations

Principal fire prevention laws, regulations and requirements applicable to the San Bernardino Mountain area are included below. For complete information on the laws and regulations applicable to your specific jurisdiction, contact your local law enforcement authorities.

It's the Law

Property owners in mountainous areas, forest-covered lands or any land that is covered with flammable material must create at minimum a 100-foot defensible space (or to the property line) around their homes and other structures, as mandated by California Public Resources Code 4291.

The state legislature enacted PRC 4291in January 2005 to improve fire safety and to help prevent catastrophic fires. Under the law, property owners or those who control a property must establish a:

  • 30-foot clean zone (or to property line).
  • 70-foot reduced fuel zone (or to property line)

This does not mean the property must be clear-cut to bare soil ? it involves thinning and breaking up the continuity of ladder fuels and large areas filled with contiguous shrubs that can readily transmit fire.

For detailed information on how to comply with these regulations, go to the Defensible Space section of this website.

For the complete text of the California law, go to Public Resources Code - Section 4291-4299

Working together, we can prevent catastrophic wildfires.