Fire Safety Information to Keep Our Forests Healthy and Your Property Safe

Emergency Planning Guidelines and Resources

Emergency planning guidelines, checklists and resources have been issued by MAST and MAST member agencies and organizations to help residents of the San Bernardino Mountain area prepare for fire emergencies that may affect their homes and places of business.

Be Prepared to Evacuate

Being prepared means having an emergency plan and meeting with family members to discuss the dangers of fire and other emergencies. Prepare an evacuation checklist and organize the items to be taken during an evacuation. Also, be aware of emergency plans for your child’s school or day-care center, and discuss how to respond to each disaster that may occur.

Remember the 4 Ps:

  • PAPERS — important personal documents regarding home ownership, insurance, credit cards, cash, etc; and don’t forget your eyeglasses or jewelry
  • PRESCRIPTIONS — all medications you will need for several days
  • PICTURES — family photos and albums
  • PETS — include food and water, and consider putting them in cages

Resources Online:

Working together, we can prevent catastrophic wildfires.