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San Bernardino County Abatement Notices

Learn what you can do to protect your property and to help prevent catastrophic wildfires in the San Bernardino Mountains

Spring in the mountains means it's time for property owners to clear their property of materials that can fuel a wildfire. In June, San Bernardino County Code Enforcement begins issuing abatement notices, ordering the removal of weeds, hazardous trees and other dead vegetative matter that pose a fire hazard.

Abatement notices can also apply to live trees and vegetation, "known as green fuel" that constitute a fire hazard due to density or by being "ladder fuels" that can cause a fire to quickly spread.

If an abatement notice is issued, the property will be inspected 30 days later, and if it has not been properly cleared, a warrant is issued. This allows a county work crew to clear the property, and the owner will be fined and required to pay a service fee.

Ultimately fire risk reduction is the responsibility of property owners. Under the law (PRC 4291), mountain property owners are required to create a defensible space around their homes and other structures. This means removing flammable vegetation and any dead or dying plants within the fire-safety zones that extend to 100 feet around a home or structure (or to the property line).

"If people do this themselves, we won't need enforcement."

— Assistant Chief Peter Brierty
San Bernardino County Fire Department

For detailed information on how to comply with these regulations, go to the Defensible Space section of this website.

Sample San Bernardino County Abatement Notice

Working together, we can prevent catastrophic wildfires.