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December 11, 2015

San Bernardino County Responds to Terrorist Attack

San Bernardino County On Monday December 7, San Bernardino County government leaders held an early morning press conference to express grief and provide information regarding the terrorist attack that occurred in San Bernardino on December 2.

The County of San Bernardino was attacked in the worst terror attack to take place on United States soil since Sept. 11, 2001. The attack caused the deaths of 14 innocent people and injuries to 22 more. Most of them were employees of our County government. “These people will never be forgotten. They are in our hearts and our prayers along with their families, loved ones, friends and co-workers”, said San Bernardino County Supervisor Curt Hagman. “Mere words cannot express the grief everyone in the County family is feeling today. We must immediately implement steps to move forward with healing and prevention of any future assault.”

The press conference was held by the Board of Supervisors, officials of the Department of Environmental Health and the healthcare personnel who provided triage and treated the injured. Local, national and international media participated in the event.

Supervisor Hagman and his fellow Supervisors began the conference by expressing their grief and condolences, then emphasized that the County remains united and strong. Board Chairman James Ramos encouraged donations to a fund established through the Arrowhead United Way to assist victims and their families. He announced additional security measures that will be put in place as County personnel get back to the business of providing services to the residents of the County.

Medical staff recounted their efforts at the crime scene to treat and triage the victims, and their efforts were extraordinary. All who were in need of medical treatment were treated at the scene, or transported to Arrowhead Regional Medical Center or Loma Linda University Medical Center. All victims who were treated by medical personnel survived the tragedy.

Chairman Ramos concluded the event by reminding everyone of the resources available to deal with this tragedy or any future problem that residents of the county may face. There is the “If You See Something, Say Something;” anonymous crime tip line at 1 (800) 78CRIME. Also, there is the San Bernardino United Relief Fund that has been established for the victims. Donations can be made by texting ‘SBUNITED’ to 71777, and checks made out to SBUNITED are also accepted by mail at the Arrowhead United Way, 646 North D Street, San Bernardino, CA 92401. If you are in need of assistance, or for more information on available programs, contact the Arrowhead United Way at (909) 884-9441 or visit their website:

Christmas Angel

A Christmas Message

Christmas is a season of joy that we celebrate with parties, feasts, parades and gift-giving. We reconnect with family and friends that we haven’t seen during the year and anticipate the new relationships and opportunities available to us in the upcoming year.

But at Christmas, we are reminded that there is a purpose in life larger than us, and that we have an opportunity to bring a joyous message of love and hope to our family, friends, neighbors and communities. We are also reminded that “peace on Earth” doesn’t come from man-made laws and institutions, but rather from the outgrowth of the condition of our hearts and our communities in relation to our Savior, the ultimate Giver of Peace.

The season brings us hope and reminds us that we also have a duty and privilege to care for our family and our community. San Bernardino County has had a difficult year. Tragedies have occurred. We stand and mourn with those that mourn. I hope that all of us will take the time to reach out to a neighbor we do not know with an act of kindness, or donate time or goods to a local charity. But ultimately, I hope that we can share the gift of love and peace that is given to us by the Savior born in Bethlehem whose birth we celebrate on Christmas Day.


Hagman's China Trade Mission a Major Success

Supervisor Curt Hagman represented the County of San Bernardino and the Ontario International Airport Authority on a ten day trade mission last month to strengthen ties between San Bernardino County and the City of WuXi. The large population base of the city is a great economic opportunity for the Ontario International Airport, and Supervisor Hagman met with more than 50 businesses during his visit.

China Trade Mission “I am pleased to report to my constituents that substantial progress was made toward bringing major Chinese airlines and businesses to Ontario International Airport” commented Hagman. “Ontario is a logical destination for Chinese business given our status as a major distribution hub and the business friendly attitude of local city and county governments. It was my pleasure to roll out the red carpet in welcoming investment, increasing demand for international flights and infusing tourist dollars that would help grow the San Bernardino County economy.”

Both government entities agreed to authorize the Foreign Office of Wuxi Municipal People’s Government and the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors to represent their respective governments and communicate with each other in the future for the development of a bilateral relationship. In response to the hospitality of the WuXi city government, San Bernardino County plans to invite the delegation of Wuxi to visit the County in the near future to further develop knowledge of each other and seek a closer partnership. Building a relationship with the city of WuXi is anticipated to be an ongoing process, and both parties are free to revise or supplement their plans and activities through additional negotiations.
Supervisors Ramos and Hagman With a population of approximately 6.5 million people, WuXi’s economy has maintained a robust growth rate, and maintains its status as the highest per capita gross domestic product in the Jiangsu Province (the Jiangsu Province is a sister state of the state of California). Jiangsu has the second highest GDP of any province in China. It is the fifth most populous and the most densely populated province of the 22 provinces in China, despite being the second smallest in terms of square miles, with a population over 79 million.

In addition to serving as the solar technology hub in China, with two major photovoltaic companies based within its borders (Suntech Power and Jetion Holdings Ltd. both of which were listed on overseas stock exchanges), WuXi also serves as the manufacturing center for textiles. The city is also anticipating the growth of several emerging industries in electric motor manufacturing and MRP software development. Hynix recently completed a new China Trade Mission chip plant in Wuxi. The city’s GDP per capita was listed at ¥107,400 (US$17,050) in 2011, ranked first in Jiangsu, ahead of Nanjing and Suzhou. The center of the city is filled with modern high rise buildings and the market is being redeveloped in a postmodern style. San Bernardino County’s blossoming relationship with this economic power house is a win-win situation for us all.

“GODZILLA EL NINO” Due to Arrive in Southern California

You have probably heard about “El Nino”, but what does it mean for us? We are in a record drought, so what could be wrong with some rain?

Flooding El Nino, which means “The Child” in Spanish, is a periodic weather phenomenon marked by unusually warm temperatures in ocean waters in the tropics. For reasons not fully understood by meteorologists, El Nino causes in a shift of the prevailing winds (the jet stream) that directs the pattern of winter storms from its usual path. The phenomena usually means a wet winter for southern California, as storms that usually go elsewhere are directed towards our region. The projected upcoming series of storms this winter is being referred to as “Godzilla El Nino” because it is anticipated to be the largest El Nino event to strike Southern California since the record breaking event of winter 1997-98. It is expected to arrive in the latter part of winter, and last from January to March 2016.

El Nino will be a series of storms that may cause rain nearly every day for three months. But the good news is that we now have advance notice of this impending deluge, enough time for you to prepare yourself, your family and your property.

Here are some tips for preparation:

  1. Go to for the latest information and preparation tips
  2. Call your insurance agent to find out about acquiring flood insurance. Most homeowners and renters policies DO NOT cover damage from flooding. IMPORTANT: there is a 30 day waiting period for the flood insurance to take effect. So don’t wait, call your insurance agent today.
  3. Start preparing today. Contact your local fire department to find out how to get sandbags and sand NOW. Have them on hand, better early than too late.

If you have any additional questions, contact the Supervisor Hagman’s District Office and we will provide referrals and information as needed. You can also contact your local Fire Department, or visit the San Bernardino County Fire Department’s website at:

COUNTY WORKS: Animal Care and Control

The San Bernardino County Animal Care & Control Program is a branch of the Department of Public Health. It’s mission is to prevent rabies in humans and pets, to educate the public about responsible pet ownership, including the importance of spaying and neutering, to protect and serve the public and pets by enforcing all laws and ordinances pertaining to Animal Care & Control, to care for all animals domestic and wild, to reunite lost pets with their owners, to place unwanted pets into new homes, and to maintain a high quality of service. The San Bernardino County Animal Care & Control Program services the unincorporated areas of San Bernardino County and the contract cities of Big Bear Lake, Highland, Rialto (shelter services only) and Yucaipa.

Raccoon Animal Care and Control accomplishes its mission by providing a wide variety of services to County residents. Some of the services they provide include: 1) enforcing all animal laws (leash law, dog licensing, tethering, etc.), 2) picking-up and impounding stray animals for the health and safety of the public, 3) responding to all animal complaints and other hazards, 4) investigating alleged cases of cruelty and/or the inhumane treatment of animals, 5) tracking animal bites, 6) assisting with humane trapping of nuisance animals, 7) quarantining (confine) certain animals (i.e. those involved in bite cases), 8) sheltering, feeding, and caring for stray, abandoned, unwanted, and mistreated animals, 9) finding homes for the shelter animals that are not claimed by an owner, 10) assisting with spay/neuter costs (voucher program), 11) surveying wildlife for rabies, 12) sponsoring low-cost rabies clinics so pet owners can protect their animals, and 13) providing education to the public about how to be a good pet owner (spaying/neutering, licensing, ID tags, leashes, training, etc.).

There are 2 Animal Care and Control Shelters in San Bernardino County:

Big Bear Animal Shelter Northshore Road at Stanfield Cutoff Big Bear City, CA 92314 (909)866-4943

Hours of Operation:
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday:10:00 am - 5:00 pm (Closed for lunch 1:00 - 2:00 pm)
Wednesday: 12:00 pm - 7:00 pm (Closed for lunch 2:00 – 3:00 pm)
Sunday: Closed

Devore Animal Shelter 19777 Shelter Way San Bernardino, CA 92407 (909)386-9820

Hours of Operation:
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 10:00 am - 6:30 pm
Wednesday: 10:00 am - 7:00 pm
Saturday and Sunday: 10:00 am - 5:00
For more information, contact the shelters via telephone or visit their website at:


Supervisor Hagman in the Fourth District

Give BIG! Give BIG!
On Tuesday December 1, 2015 San Bernardino County government participated in the second annual Give Big San Bernardino County fundraiser. This fundraising web-a-thon, which benefits participating nonprofit organizations and the people they serve throughout our region, has so far raised over $258,000. The time deadline to give has been extended through the end of December because of the terrorist attack in San Bernardino. The Community Foundation, in coordination with the County of San Bernardino, planned and implemented the Give Big San Bernardino County campaign.

The campaign kicked off at a press conference at the Government Center in San Bernardino on November 17. The kick-off was hosted by the Community Foundation with numerous dignitaries in attendance, including Supervisor Hagman and the other County Supervisors and Miss California.

Participating nonprofit organizations received training in the use of social media, marketing, and donor cultivation and follow-up. Nonprofit organizations will expand their fundraising capabilities through participating in the Give Big San Bernardino County campaign. There are also numerous prizes available to the nonprofit organizations for the most money raised as well as for the most unique donations received. So far this year 144 organizations have participated and 2,931 different donors made 3,980 total donations.

Give BIG! The results are listed on the website along with the following thank you note, “Your generous spirit of giving and support made a BIG difference. The nonprofits supported through this community wide effort can continue to provide the important services that make our community stronger and more vital. Thank you for partnering with us during the Give Big San Bernardino County campaign and making it a BIG success. You are GREAT.” You can still donate to any of the participating nonprofit organizations or view the campaign results at their website:

Christmas Turkeys
San Bernardino County Supervisor Curt Hagman announced that he directed $12,000 in discretionary county funding to four non-profit community based organizations in the Fourth District for the purpose of feeding families in need during this holiday season. “As we count our blessings during this special time of year, let us also be a blessing to those whom might otherwise go hungry” said Hagman. “This month we will give a turkey to 700 Fourth District families to brighten their holiday, and hope to feed many more than that next year.”

Turkey The four organizations who will distribute turkeys this month include the Ontario Salvation Army, Isaiah’s Rock in Chino, the Montclair Community Foundation and the Upland Foothill Family Shelter. The turkeys will be the centerpiece of holiday meal boxes given directly to families by these vetted and responsible community organizations. The application deadline has passed for the Montclair Community Foundation, which will be distributing the food baskets on December 16. If you know someone who needs help this holiday season, or is interested in volunteering, please contact the agencies. Isaiah’s Rock can be reached at (909) 628-0966, and the Ontario Salvation Army can be reached at (909) 986-6748. If you know an organization that may wish to join these four outstanding community agencies and Supervisor Hagman next year in helping families in need at Christmas time, please contact the Supervisor’s District Office at (909) 465-5265.

Supervisor Hagman is pleased to present the Pet of the Month for December! This month’s furry favorite is, Toulouse, a beautiful kitten currently available for adoption from Priceless Pets.

Toulouse is a lap cat who loves attention and being petted. Affectionate and sweet, she likes to be brushed and played with. Toulouse is a Russian Blue blend, 3 months old: she is exceptionally sweet and very playful. Toulouse would love to sit on your shoulder and purr all day. Good with cats, dogs and children. Toulouse is very loving and affectionate, and she has the cutest little mew! Toulouse is looking for her new furrever home with someone that will love her as much as she will love them.

Our November Pet of the month Toby is still available for adoption by a loving family. Toby is an 8 year old corgi-terrier blend looking for his forever home. He walks well on a leash, gets along with other dogs and is a total gentleman! Come meet him. Toby’s parents had to surrender him to Priceless Pets because they were moving into a new home that didn’t allow him to come along. Toby is a great walking companion and loves to curl up on little dog beds. It is the cutest thing to see him curl up on the smallest of beds.

Both pets are available at Priceless Pets, located at 2587 C Chino Hills Parkway in Chino Hills. You can contact them at (909) 203-3695 or visit their website: for more information.