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May 2008
State of the County
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International trade is one of the key economic engines of the San Bernardino County economy. It brings in fresh money to the County, creates jobs for local residents, and attracts businesses to locate here.

Our proximity to the top seaports on the U.S. West Coast combined with the vast usable space and comprehensive transportation links, makes San Bernardino County a dynamic economic destination.

The logistics operations in the County also serve a vast market of over 23 million that live within a three-hour driving distance of local logistics centers. This large local market makes San Bernardino County a preferred location where some of the world’s largest companies anchor their supply chain.

The comprehensive network of freeways, railroads, and air cargo services allows firms in the County to have easy access to both local and distant markets.

Looking forward, we envision further growth of manufacturing, wholesaling, and business services because of the strong base of international trade and logistics-related economic activities.

This means jobs and income for local residents, revenue for local governments, and economic growth for San Bernardino County and beyond.

Economic Development

Economic Development is about creating jobs, improving quality of life and building opportunity in the County of San Bernardino. It’s about using the assets of our county and putting them to use in the service of our communities.

Ultimately, our investment in economic development is geared to quality of life. In the past two years we have worked to build a new brand of Opportunity, California.

Now, we’re expanding on that story through projects like Chino Airport, workforce training programs, recruiting employers and supporting job growth. All of this is part of the brand name.

Chino Airport

Chino Airport has the infrastructure for general aviation needs today and the vision to be a major player in business aviation tomorrow.

Looking ahead, Chino Airport will position itself to host the new generation of fuel-efficient, quiet “Very Light Jets” that can serve both businesses and residents throughout the region.

Chino Airport will make southwestern San Bernardino County even more attractive to businesses and corporate executives. This facility is being groomed with competitive advantages to become an economic driver for our region.

“Planes of Fame” 2008 Air Show

The Planes of Fame 2008 Air Show, “Wings of the Silver Screen”, will be held the weekend of May 17 and 18 at the Planes of Fame Air Museum at Chino Airport. Gates open at 8:00 AM and the program begins at 11:00 A.M. and ends at 4:00 P.M. Planes that made history and later were made famous on movie screens and televisions around the world will be showcased. The 2008 Airshow supports Planes of Fame’s ongoing effort to preserve aviation history for future and current generations.

Community Clean Up

I have partnered with San Bernardino County Code Enforcement and Solid Waste Management Divisions to host community clean ups throughout the 4th District in 2008. We will be providing trash and tire collection containers for the FREE removal of accumulated trash. I encourage you to bring your trash and tires to the designated containers at one of the locations listed below. This program is limited to the residents of the unincorporated County area. We cannot accept commercial or industrial waste from businesses. If you have oversized or hard to handle loads, you may be diverted directly to the landfill. Please remember to safely secure and properly cover your loads prior to traveling to the event. Tires must be removed from rims and the maximum size is 11”x 25.5”.

At our recent May 3, 2008 cleanup held at Howard Elementary School, we served 160 vehicles and removed 37.5 tons of waste material. Of that amount we removed 26 tons of trash, 3 tons of tires, 2.5 tons of e-waste, 2.5 tons of green waste and 1.75 tons of metal. I would like to extend a big thank you to my staff, County of San Bernardino Code Enforcement staff and Burrtec Waste Industries Incorporated officials for their participation. They made the day a success for all.

If you have any questions about future community clean ups, please contact my district office at (909) 465-1895. Future community clean ups will be held at the following locations:

07/12/2008 - Doris Dickson Elementary School
08/16/2008 - Howard Elementary School
10/18/2008 - Lyle Briggs Fundamental School

State of the County

Economic Development

Chino Airport

"Planes of Fame" 2008 Air Show

Community Clean Up

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