Board of Supervisors Creates Two Bear Valley Advisory Committees

At the June 4th Board meeting, the Supervisors approved the creation of the Big Bear Valley Recreation and Park Advisory Committee and the Sugarloaf Advisory Committee. The Recreation and Park Advisory Committee works closely with Reese Troublefield, General Manager of Big Bear Valley Recreation and Parks. The Committee receives reports regarding recreation programming and improvements to parks in the Valley. This Committee will consist of 7 members who represent various geographical area of Big Bear Valley.

Troublefield says, “The Big Bear Valley Recreation & Park District Advisory Committee has been an integral part of the ongoing improvements to local parks, facilities, and programming. The Committee performs a very important function in connecting Park District staff to the various local communities of the Big Bear valley, and representing local citizens as the Recreation and Parks liaison’s with Supervisor Ramos’ office. Parks District staff looks forward to working with our new Advisory Committee toward continual improvement in our services.”

A Sugarloaf Advisory Committee will serve the Sugarloaf area and provide an extra avenue for residents to voice their concerns. This Committee will also consist of 7 members. Each Committee will hold public meetings, pursuant to the Brown Act, at least once a year in the respective communities for the purpose of receiving information from Special Districts Department personnel, residents, businesses, and community groups about the operations and financing of the Big Bear Valley Recreation and Park District and County Service Area 70, Zone R-5 (Sugarloaf).

Those interested in becoming a member can find the application at the link below. Follow this link to BCC Vacancies to apply to be a member.