Rail to Redlands Working Group

Rail to Redlands Working Group

Supervisor Ramos created the Rail to Redlands Working Group in an effort to bring local business leaders, public officials, and other stakeholders together to discuss the Redlands Passenger Rail Project. This project seeks to create a passenger rail service system, traversing the east valley to the City of Redlands, alleviating highway congestion while providing an alternative source of transportation to its residents. The ad-hoc committee held its first meeting on May 23rd at the University of Redlands.

Among the committee members in attendance were University of Redlands President Ralph Kuncl and Executive Vice President Phil Doolittle, Donald Berry from ESRI, Redlands Council Member Jon Harrison, Carole Beswick and Larry Sharp of Inland Action, Paul Granillo of Inland Empire Economic Partnership, Rachelle Bussell, Senior Vice President of Loma Linda University Health, Loma Linda Chamber of Commerce CEO Paul Carlisle and President Gerry Nelson, and Mayor of Grand Terrace Walt Stanckiewitz.

Mitch Alderman, Director of Transit/Rail Programs as SANBAG, gave a brief presentation of the Rail to Redlands project and took questions from the committee members and members of the public. Supervisor Ramos was voted as Chairman of the committee and Paul Granillo was voted as Vice-Chair.

Chairman Ramos offered his vision for the working group and asked the other committee members for their thoughts. “It is vital we advocate and be a voice for our local communities to ensure this project gets built in a timely manner,” stated Chairman Ramos.

The next Rail to Redlands meeting will take place in September.