Barstow Courthouse

Barstow, Big Bear and Needles Courthouse Closures Update

Since the last meeting regarding the court closures in our County, progress has been made. One courtroom in Barstow will remain open until June 21, 2014, barring any unforeseen additional reductions in court funding. The Judicial Council of California distributed unused monies from a statewide 2% reserve to courts throughout the state. Of this amount, our County court system is scheduled to receive a one-time only funding of approximately $1.2 million. These funds will allow the Court to maintain limited operation of the Barstow Court on a temporary basis. This courtroom will operate Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of each week starting May 6, 2013. The clerk’s office will be open from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. on those days. A drop box is provided to receive documents during closed hours.

While this does not resolve the matter, it does relieve some of the burden that would have otherwise been felt by the residents of the greater Barstow area. The battle for equitable funding of our court system is ongoing. Chair of the Board, Janice Rutherford met with officials in Sacramento this past month to stress the necessity of greater funding for our County. The Board of Supervisors has made its opinion known and will continue to be the voice for justice for the residents of San Bernardino County.