Homeless Youth Taskforce

The Homeless Youth Taskforce (HYTF) was formed to investigate the needs of the homeless and unaccompanied youth in San Bernardino County and to find solutions to address those needs. Homeless youth are a distinct and vulnerable population in need of intensive, developmentally appropriate, targeted support. This taskforce seeks to raise awareness of the issue of child and youth homelessness, educate the public about the unique needs and challenges of this population, promote homeless youth prevention and intervention programs, reduce barriers to services, and coordinate efforts to reduce duplication and ensure efficiency.

The Homeless Youth Taskforce is a standing committee under the Interagency Council on Homelessness. The taskforce consists of elected leaders, education officials, youth consumers, and community partners who seek to address the needs of the homeless youth in San Bernardino County. By effectively collaborating with public and private partners, the taskforce has made great strides in bringing awareness to the issue of youth homelessness. The taskforce serves as an advisory/liaison committee with the purpose of providing a voice for homeless youth and educating the public about their needs.

Homeless Youth TaskForce Strategic Plan Outline
Unaccompanied Homeless Youth Survey Final Report 2017
Unaccompanied Homeless Youth Survey Final Report 2016
Unaccompanied Homeless Youth Survey Final Report 2015

For more information and resources please visit the Interagency Council of Homelessness (ICH)