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MP Materials in Mountain Pass Leads the Nation in Rare Earth Oxide Mining

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MP Minerals

Did you know? Last year, MP Materials in Mountain Pass produced 42,499 metric tons of rare earth oxide (REO) in concentrate, which is a U.S. record. Mountain Pass, located in the First District, mines one of the richest deposits of rare earth elements in the world.

“After investing millions of hours in engineering and construction, utilizing thousands of tons of steel, and laying over a million feet of electrical wiring, we began commissioning Stage II assets at Mountain Pass,” the company said in a statement. “Starting with a vision, we massively accelerated our Stage III magnetics strategy. In addition to completing the shell of our magnetics HQ, we forged a supply agreement with General Motors and significantly grew our engineering team.”

The rare earth minerals produced at MP Materials are used in high-strength permanent magnets that power the traction motors found in electric vehicles, robotics, wind turbines, drones and other advanced motion technologies.

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