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About Robert

Robert A. Lovingood was first elected in November 2012 to the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors, representing the First District.

With a career in business, Supervisor Lovingood has worked to bring greater accountability and a more business-friendly approach to County government. He has reached out to the local business community to hear – and then address – some of their most pressing issues. This has resulted in business roundtable recommendations that have helped streamline county operations and improved customer service levels. The Supervisor has advocated for results-based technical training that provides real-world skills that local employers need. The key to Supervisor Lovingood’s economic philosophy is that communities thrive when businesses create jobs and people have more money to spend in the local economy. When government interferes with higher taxes, fees and more regulations, the golden goose either dies or flies away.

Supervisor Lovingood has also focused on public safety and law enforcement. He has allocated discretionary funds for a series of summertime crime sweeps across the High Desert – crackdowns that otherwise would not have occurred. During his first term, he allocated funds to expand the Sheriff’s youth SHOCK program to troubled teenagers in every Victor Valley city. The highly effective boot-camp-style program targets the effects of gangs, drugs, teen pregnancy and other negative influences. The Supervisor also supported an innovative county ordinance banning "spice," "bath salts" and other dangerous synthetic drugs that have resulted in deaths and hospitalizations around the High Desert.

When Supervisor Lovingood entered office, he was quickly approached by rural residents whose homes were being blighted by solar energy projects that had been approved with little review at the County level. The Board of Supervisors adopted a temporary solar moratorium and then passed an ordinance that set balanced guidelines for solar projects in unincorporated areas.

Having recently been appointed to serve a two year term as Chair of the Board of Supervisors, Supervisor Lovingood offers valuable leadership and governance to our County while continuing to serve the residents of the First District. Supervisor Lovingood is also actively focused on the region’s transportation needs as past President of San Bernardino County Transportation Authority (SBCTA).

Robert A. Lovingood