Speakers Bureau

The San Bernardino County Public Defender is a community partner. Each year our Speakers Bureau provides knowledgeable, prepared and professional speakers for hundreds of community events and at southland universities, high schools and elementary schools. Our speakers are also regular instructors for professional organizations that educate lawyers, investigators and criminalists.

We routinely speak at social groups including the NAACP, Air Force Chiefís Retirement Club, Soroptimist International, churches, and local political events. Our speakers also are requested to act as instructors for professional organizations, such as California Attorneys for Criminal Justice, California Public Defenders Association, Investigator Associations and Criminalist Associations. We have covered topics from general to specialized criminal and constitutional law, mock trial and trial preparation, Meganís Law, Three Strikes Law, the impact of the Gideon case and the right to an attorney, the right to remain silent, and what to do if you are arrested.

Are you looking for the right speaker for your next class or event?

We understand the importance of matching the right topic with your event. We also realize that your function is unique, so we will promptly offer suggestions for speakers, topics and supporting media, so you can meet your goals and objectives.

To schedule a speaker, please contact John Zitny at 909-387-4493 or Jzitny@pd.sbcounty.gov