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     1. The arrowhead emblem of San Bernardino County comes from a geological formation on the side of the San Bernardino Mountains which is visible for miles.  
     2. Redlands got its name from the red soil in the area.  
     3. The discovery of gold in Holcomb Valley in 1860 brought many settlers to the Victorville area.  
     4. The nation's first three-phase alternating current power plant was built in 1893 on Mill Creek.  
     5. Two persons from San Bernardino have been elected Governor.  
     6. The nation's first solar-thermal power plant was built in Daggett.  
     7. San Bernardino is nearly 450 times the size of the smallest California county.  
     8. Father Dumetz of Mission San Gabriel named the San Bernardino valley and mountains in 1810.  
     9. The tallest thermometer in the World is in Baker  
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