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1. The arrowhead emblem of San Bernardino County comes from a geological formation on the side of the San Bernardino Mountains which is visible for miles.  
2. The nation's first three-phase alternating current power plant was built in 1893 on Mill Creek.  
3. Oranges were first grown commercially in the County in Redlands in the late 1850's.  
4. In one of California's classic real estate frauds, oranges were tied to Joshua trees in order to induce Easterners to buy "orange groves" in the desert.  
5. San Bernardino is one of eleven counties which are not general law counties.  
6. One of the oldest "early man" sites in the United States is at Calico and was excavated by Dr. Leakey.  
7. the City of San Bernardino is the only municipality in the nation with at statue honoring Dr. Martin  
8. Virgil Earp was sheriff of Colton.  
9. San Bernardino has geothermal springs within the city limits.  
10. The San Andreas fault created the Cajon Pass between the San Gabriel and San Bernardino Mountains.  

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