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1. The nation's first three-phase alternating current power plant was built in 1893 on Mill Creek.  
2. Two persons from San Bernardino have been elected Governor.  
3. Despite being predominantly desert, San Bernardino has more area covered by water than 38 of the other counties in the state. (Being the largest county, it also has the most area covered by land!)  
4. Five major rivers have their headwaters in San Bernardino County.  
5. All points south of San Luis Obispo are measured from San Bernardino peak.  
6. The first water district using water shares was in Etiwanda.  
7. Three deserts exist in San Bernardino County.  
8. Thirty-seven mountain ranges provide scenic vistas in the County.  
9. Zzyzx is a real place.  
10. The Mojave River flows underground for most of its 100 mile length yet surfaces less than 20 miles from its end at Soda Lake.  

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