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     1. Hesperia was a major wine and raisin producing region in 1860.  
     2. The nation's first three-phase alternating current power plant was built in 1893 on Mill Creek.  
     3. Two persons from San Bernardino have been elected Governor.  
     4. Barstow was originally called Waterman Junction after the nearby Waterman silver mine.  
     5. San Bernardino is nearly 450 times the size of the smallest California county.  
     6. Although he never was a resident there, Rancho Cucamonga has a statue of Jack Benny.  
     7. San Gorgonio Mountain is the tallest mountain in California.  
     8. San Bernardino County is home to the world's largest Joshua tree and was home to the largest lodge pole pine tree until the Forest Service blew it up it up with dynamite.  
     9. The first water district using water shares was in Etiwanda.  
     10. San Bernardino has geothermal springs within the city limits.  
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