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Test Your Knowledge of San Bernardino County

True   False Question
     1. Big Bear Lake got its name because it was larger than Little Bear Lake.  
     2. San Bernardino City was started in 1851 by Mormons as part of a plan for a series of outposts to the sea.  
     3. One of the oldest "early man" sites in the United States is at Calico and was excavated by Dr. Leakey.  
     4. Although he never was a resident there, Rancho Cucamonga has a statue of Jack Benny.  
     5. Baldwin Lake is named after "Lucky" Baldwin who owned a nearby gold mine.  
     6. At is widest point, San Bernardino County is equivalent to the distance between Santa Barbara and the Mexican Border.  
     7. The tallest thermometer in the World is in Baker  
     8. San Bernardino County is home to the world's largest Joshua tree and was home to the largest lodge pole pine tree until the Forest Service blew it up it up with dynamite.  
     9. Virgil Earp was sheriff of Colton.  
     10. The first water district using water shares was in Etiwanda.  
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