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Medical Waste

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bullet Inspect/regulate medical waste generators

The Medical Waste Program regulates generators of medical waste based on the Medical Waste Management Act. The program inspects medical waste facilities, facilities with on-site medical waste treatment units, and common storage areas annually. This program also investigates complaints regarding mishandling of medical waste and facilities that may be operating without a valid health permit. Some facilities that may generate medical waste include hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, blood banks, and doctors, dental and veterinarian offices.

If your facility generates 200 pounds or more of medical waste in any one month of a 12-month period, then it is a large quantity generator (LQG) and must be registered with DEHS. If your facility treats medical waste on-site, then you must obtain a permit from DEHS. As part of the application process, LQG are also required to submit a Medical Waste Management Plan along with their application.

If your facility generates less than 200 pounds of medical waste per month and does not treat medical waste on-site, then it is a small quantity generator (SQG). If several SQGs (who operate independently) use a medical waste accumulation area to storage medical waste prior to collection by a registered hazardous waste hauler, then it is considered a common storage facility and a health permit is required.

Medical Waste Operators

CDPH Medical Waste Transporters

CDPH Permitted Medical Waste Transfer Stations and Treatment Facilities

Mail-Back Systems Approved by the California Department Of Public Health

Medical Waste Laws, Regulations, and Standards

Medical Waste Management Plan
Must be filed with the Division of Environmental Health Services by Small Quantity Generators and Large Quantity Generators

Medical Waste Tracking Log and Tracking Document

Attention All Home Sharps Users!

Home-generated sharps cannot be thrown in the trash. This includes disposable hypodermic needles, syringes, lancets, and other medical devices used for self-injection or blood tests, which may have a sharp tip or end. For properly disposal contact the County Fire Department at 1-800-OILY CAT or

Needles and Other Sharps (Outside of Health Care Settings)

Ebola Medical Waste Management Information

San Bernardino County Ebola Information

California Department of Public Health’s Ebola Information

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Ebola Information

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