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There are a wide range of available services offered at your local health clinic. Health services provides low-cost, confidential services to men and women who want to make an informed decision about family planning and reproductive health care. We are here to give you excellent care in a friendly atmosphere.

We provide testing and screening for the following:

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Health Care
Recognizing symptoms, getting regular check-ups, and
performing self-exams are just a few ways you can detect cancer early. All women need regular pelvic and breast
examinations and Pap smears. Essential for good health,
men need prostate cancer screening and testicular exams. These services will be provided at the client’s regular visits. Reproductive Health Services also provide testing and treatment for sexually transmitted infections (STI’s) and testing for HIV/AIDS. Follow-up care or referrals will be provided when necessary.

Birth Control
At all sites, Reproductive Health Services provide contraceptive education and counseling, supplies and follow-up. You will have the opportunity to learn about
all methods of birth control.

Emergency Contraceptive Pills
Emergency Contraceptive Pills,
a.k.a. Plan B or the Morning
After Pill, can be taken up to
120 hours after you have had
sex and did not use any birth
control, or your birth control
method somehow failed,
or you were raped.

Pregnancy Testing and Counseling
If you think you may be pregnant, you can have a pregnancy test at any of our clinics. The method is a simple urine test that can test for a pregnancy a few days or more after a missed period. Test results are provided the same day, and you receive supportive counseling and referral services.

Tubal Sterilization & Vasectomy
This is a permanent form of birth control for both men and women who have all the children they want, or do not plan to have any children. Tubal Sterilization and Vasectomy are safe, simple operations that prevent future pregnancy.

Infertility Services
Infertility Services are offered to couples that are having trouble becoming pregnant. All of our clinics offer initial infertility interviews, education, physical examinations, counseling and appropriate referrals. Some clinics offer semen analysis testing, assessment of ovulatory function and post coital testing.

Clients with Special Needs
Bilingual Spanish-speaking staff are available. Resources are also available to help clients with handicaps or other special needs. Please let us know of your special needs when you make an appointment with your Reproductive Health Services clinic.