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Alcohol & Drug Abuse Prevention Program (ADAPP)

Friday Night Live

The FNL program is designed for high
school-aged youth. It is motivated by
youth-adult partnerships that create
meaningful activities that enhance
and improve local communities.
Activities such as, community service,
social action activities, dances, movie
nights, and participation in advocacy
for safe and healthy environments
like sober grad are organized by youth to appeal to youth. FNL offers youth opportunities to connect to their school and community through fun, skill building activities, and caring relationships in environments free of alcohol, drugs, tobacco, and violence.

Friday Night Live Chapters

bullet Silverado High School - Victorville
bullet St. Anthony’s Youth Choir - San Bernardino
bullet Holy Rosary Youth Group - San Bernardino
bullet Arroyo Valley High School - San Bernardino
bullet Ayala High School SADD - Chino Hills
bullet Summit High School - Fontana
bullet Summit High School - Fontana
bullet Redlands East Valley High School, Community Scene Investigators - Redlands
bullet Healthy Teens - Rancho Cucamonga
bullet Fresh Start Ministries - Ontario

FNL Youth Board

The Youth Board is a group of young people who represent various Friday Night Live chapters throughout San Bernardino County. The youth have committed to raise awareness on youth issues in their schools and communities by serving as the voice of young people.
Their vision is to make positive change happen in their communities. If you are interested in joining the youth board please call the FNL office at (800)782-4264, or contact Bernadette Beltran, FNL County Coordinator at



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Club Live

Club Live is an extension of the Friday Night Live program and is for middle school age youth. Club Live fosters resiliency and protective factors through the development of action-oriented chapters in which positive activities are planned and implemented by young people working together with adults.

Club Live Chapters

bullet George Visual and Performing Arts - Adelanto
bullet Victor Valley Jr. High School - Victorville
bullet Hook Jr. High School - Victorville
bullet Colton Community Center - Colton

Friday Night Live Youth Advisory Board

The youth board is made up of youth from various high schools throughout San Bernardino County. Their vision is to make positive change happen within their communities. Their mission is to channel the voices of youth to provide input for Friday Night Live program development and to present their expertise about issues that are important to them and their peers.

Community Scene Investigators/CSI Youth

A program for high school
age youth that uses
proven environmental
preventionstrategies to
reduce problems in the
community caused by
alcohol, tobacco, and
other drugs by addressing
the conditions that underlie
these problems. The four
focus areas for environmental prevention include social norms, access and availability, media messages, and policy and enforcement. Youth are involved in training, community surveying, public speaking, and working with community groups to
plan and implement activities.

The Chatter Box newsletter



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