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Community Program Planning Overview,
Social media sites such as Facebook (
please see Attachments
) were also used to
promote the process and extended the reach of the department in connecting interested
community members with the stakeholder process. DBH’s Facebook is accessible at
DBH engages stakeholders, provides information, and invites feedback about MHSA
programs throughout the year using regularly scheduled monthly meetings. Schedules
for these meetings are available to the public and distributed widely with interpreter
services available to participating community members for the following meetings:
Behavioral Health Commission (BHC)
District Advisory Committee meetings (separate monthly meetings, one held in
each of the five supervisorial districts within the county and led by the Behavioral
Health Commissioners in that district)
Community Policy Advisory Committee (CPAC)
Cultural Competency Advisory Committee (CCAC)
Transitional Age Youth (TAY) Center Advisory Boards
Consumer Clubhouse Advisory Boards
Quality Management Action Committee (QMAC)
MHSA Executive Committee
Association of Community Based Organizations (ACBO)
Room and Board Advisory Coalition
Workforce Development Committee
To ensure inclusion of diverse cultural groups and the faith-based community, input was
also collected from the following Cultural Competency Advisory Committee sub-
Asian Pacific Islander Sub-Committee
Co-Occurring and Substance Abuse Sub-Committee (COSAC)
Disabilities Sub-Committee
High Desert African American Sub- Committee
Latino Health Sub-Committee
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Questioning (LGBTQ) Sub-Committee
Native American Awareness Sub-Committee
Spirituality Sub-Committee
Transitional Age Youth (TAY) Sub-Committee
Veteran’s Sub-Committee
Women’s Sub-Committee
*As of the time of this printing, all CCAC coalitions and committees were uniformly designated as sub-committees.
County of San Bernardino Department of Behavioral Health
Mental Health Services Act Innovation (INN) Plan
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