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Community Program Planning Overview
The County of San Bernardino Department of Behavioral Health (DBH) is highly
committed to including consumers and stakeholders from around the county and within
all levels of the organization. To meet the requirements of WIC 5847, 5848 and
California Code of Regulation (CCR), Title 9, Section 3300, 3320, extensive outreach
to promote the Innovation Plan stakeholder process was completed using a variety of
methods at many levels to invite stakeholders to have their voice heard and their
feedback included. In an effort to reach the populations outlined above, information
regarding the stakeholder process was disseminated through the use of press releases
to all local media outlets (
please see Attachments
), email and flyer distribution to
community partners, community and contracted organizations, other county agencies,
cultural subcommittees and coalitions, and regularly scheduled stakeholder meetings,
including the County of San Bernardino Behavioral Health Commission.
WIC § 5848
states that each Plan shall be developed with local stakeholders, including:
Adults and seniors with severe mental illness
Families of children, adults, and seniors with severe mental illness
Providers of services
Law enforcement agencies
Social services agencies
Representatives from veterans organizations
Providers of alcohol and drug services
Health care organizations
Other important interests
CCR Title 9 Section 3300
further includes:
Representatives of unserved and/or underserved populations and family members of
unserved/underserved populations
Stakeholders that represent the diversity of the demographics of the county,
including but not limited to geographic location, age, gender, and race/ethnicity
Clients with serious mental illness and/or serious emotional disturbance, and their family
County of San Bernardino Department of Behavioral Health
Mental Health Services Act Innovation (INN) Plan
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