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Innovation Plan,
Innovation projects are similar to pilot or demonstration projects, subject to time
limitations for assessment and evaluation of effectiveness and securing of ongoing,
stable funding. In some cases learning may occur that results in other entities outside
DBH providing long term funding for sustained Innovation projects, or portions of
projects that are demonstrated to have substantial benefit. In other cases, Innovation
projects may determine continued activities or projects do not need to occur and
therefore could be discontinued. Because Innovation focuses on collaboration, partners
and stakeholders may actually be the best resource for project sustainability long term,
if learning provides evidence the programs should continue in some iteration of the
Throughout the Community Program Planning (CPP) process, our stakeholders
commented on the issues of disparity in access, cultural populations, and specialty
population issues that have emerged by considering strategies and resources that could
be adapted to a variety of stakeholder communities, settings and concerns. Additionally,
county staff utilized stakeholder feedback in the analysis of current service needs,
demographics, best practices, and health care services data to develop one new
Innovation project as described later in this plan. The project reflects many of the
issues, ideas, strategies and design suggestions discussed throughout the community
planning process identified as relevant to our diverse communities.
The County of San Bernardino is pleased to present the
Mental Health Services Act
(MHSA) Innovation (INN) Plan
and encourages feedback on the plan either by phone
at 800-722-9866 or by email at
County of San Bernardino Department of Behavioral Health
Mental Health Services Act Innovation (INN) Plan
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