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Innovation Plan
The voters of the State of California passed the Mental Health Services Act (MHSA) in
November 2004. The purpose and intent of the MHSA is “(i) to reduce the long-term
adverse impact on individuals, families and state and local budgets resulting from
untreated serious mental illness (ii) to insure that all funds are expended in the most
cost effective manner, and (iii) to ensure accountability to taxpayers and to the public.”
To accomplish this purpose, funding is provided to adequately address the mental
health needs of unserved, underserved, and inappropriately served populations by
expanding and developing services and supports that have proven to produce
successful outcomes, are considered to be innovative, cultural and linguistically
appropriate, community based, consumer and family oriented, and consistent with
evidence-based practices. MHSA represented the first opportunity in many years to
provide increased funding, personnel and other resources to support county mental
health programs and monitor progress toward statewide goals for children, transition
age youth, adults, older adults and families.
The MHSA identifies six components for funding to transform the mental health services
system, which are integrated into the county’s Three-Year Program and Expenditures
Plan. These MHSA Components include:
Community Program Planning (CPP)
Community Services and Supports (CSS)
Capital Facilities (buildings & housing) and Technological Needs (CFTN)
Workforce Education and Training (WET)
Prevention and Early Intervention (PEI)
Innovation (INN)
Through the MHSA, counties have the responsibility and commitment to ensure the
community has input and is actively involved in the development and implementation of
MHSA Component programs at every step of the process. The County of San
Bernardino has embraced the opportunities for collaborating with community
stakeholders since Community Program Planning (CPP) for the Community Services
and Supports (CCS) component began in early 2005. The CPP process provides the
department the opportunity to reach populations identified as unserved, underserved or
inappropriately served on a regular basis. The County’s growing community
stakeholders have continuously viewed the various MHSA components as tools for
system transformation and each component as another building block toward an
integrated healthcare system.
County of San Bernardino Department of Behavioral Health
Mental Health Services Act Innovation (INN) Plan
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