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Message from the Director
In 2012, leaders and community members from across the County of San Bernardino developed and
shared the Countywide Vision, “Your County, Your Future.” As a partner in this initiative, the Department of
Behavior Health (DBH) is continuing to implement the general standards and practices of the Mental Health
Services Act (MHSA) to accomplish the Wellness Component of the Countywide Vision. MHSA funded
programs provide an integrated service experience within our system of care promoting wellness, recovery,
resiliency, cultural competency, community-based collaboration, and the meaningful inclusion of clients and
family members in behavioral health services.
The Innovation component of the MHSA provides DBH with the funding to learn about new or different
practices or approaches in providing behavioral health services. Although time-limited, it is through this
valuable opportunity that learning is achieved and applied to current or emerging behavioral healthcare
practices. Innovation projects seek to increase access to services, increase the quality of services,
promote interagency collaboration, and increase access to underserved groups.
In the stakeholder process section, you will find a full description of the community program planning
conducted by DBH in 2013, across all geographical regions to ensure meaningful stakeholder conversation
and participation were included in the development of new programs. It is with careful consideration and
extensive stakeholder input that we propose one new project to be funded under the Innovation Component
of the MHSA. This Plan will provide in depth information regarding the following proposed project:
Recovery Based Engagement Support Teams (RBEST)
I invite you to read the proposal included in this document and provide feedback, either via phone at
800-722-9866 or email at
It is the Department of Behavioral Health’s Vision to
improve access and achieve optimum wellness for the unserved, underserved, and inappropriately served
members of our community. We thank our communities, our partners, and our staff for their efforts in
promoting this Vision with us.
CaSonya Thomas, MPA, CHC
Director, Department of Behavior Health
County of San Bernardino Department of Behavioral Health
Mental Health Services Act Innovation (INN) Plan
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