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Community Program Planning Standards,
The Office of Cultural Competence and Ethnic Services (OCCES) reports to the DBH
Director and is an essential part of all aspects of the stakeholder process including the
use of the regularly scheduled committee and subcommittee meetings to obtain
feedback and input on services and programs. The Cultural Competency Officer (CCO)
and OCCES work in conjunction with each MHSA program lead to ensure the delivery
of culturally competent and appropriate services, including providing feedback and input
into all programs.
The CCO or members of OCCES regularly sit on boards or committees where they can
provide input or affect change regarding program planning or implementation. OCCES
provides support by translating documents for the department and arranging for
translation services whenever requests for services, training, outreach, and/or
stakeholder meetings are received. Additionally, language regarding cultural
competence is included in all department contracts with organizational and individual
providers and is included as a category in every DBH employee’s Work Performance
Evaluation (WPE).
The Department of Behavioral Health is highly committed to including consumers and
stakeholders within all levels of our organizational structure. From the highest level of
commission oversight, the Behavioral Health Commission
to the administrative
structure within DBH, it has been our mission to include consumers and family members
as active system stakeholders. Within DBH’s organizational structure, the Office of
Consumer and Family Affairs (OCFA), staffed by Peer and Family Advocates (PFAs), is
elevated and reports at the executive level, with access to the Department Director.
Consumer and family engagement occurs through community events, department
activities and committee meetings. Consumer/Family membership in department
committees includes meetings in which meaningful issues are discussed and actual
decisions are made. Consumer/Family input, along with staff and community input, is
always considered when making MHSA related system decisions in the department.
This includes decision makers such as the Director, Assistant Director, Medical Director,
Deputy Director, Program Manager, Clinic Supervisor, Clinicians, and clerical staff.
County of San Bernardino Department of Behavioral Health
Mental Health Services Act Innovation (INN) Plan
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