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Community Program Planning Standards
The Innovation component offers an opportunity to further transform and integrate the
mental health system. The DBH Community Program Planning (CPP) process is
consistent with the following general standards:
Community Collaboration
– Initiate, support, and expand collaboration with
clients, community members, agencies, and organizations to fulfill a shared
vision and goals.
Cultural Competence
– Demonstrate cultural competency in all aspects of
programming as well as increasing the capacity of a diverse workforce to reduce
disparities in mental health services and outcomes.
Client Driven
– Include ongoing involvement and input of clients in all aspects of
programming, from planning, to implementation, to evaluation and outcomes.
Family Driven
– Include ongoing involvement and input of families of
children/youth with serious emotional disturbance in program planning, delivery,
evaluation, and outcomes.
Wellness, Recovery & Resilience Focus
– Implement services that focus on
the consumer’s wellness, increasing resiliency, and promoting recovery.
Integrated Service Experience
– Provide comprehensive coordinated access to
a full range of services from multiple agencies, programs, and funding sources to
clients and family members.
As evidenced by the extensive schedule of community oriented meetings, the
department embeds community collaboration, cultural competence, client and family
driven, integrated and recovery service approaches with the community into ongoing
operations at multiple levels. The Department of Behavior Health (DBH) has a
commitment to cultural competence with eleven cultural subcommittees meeting on a
monthly basis, in addition to the Cultural Competency Advisory Committee. Cultural
competency is woven in to everything we do at DBH, including planning, implementing
and evaluating programs.
CCR Title 9 Section 3320
states that counties shall adopt the following standards in planning,
implementing, and evaluating programs:
Community collaboration
Cultural Competence
Client Driven
Family Driven
Wellness, recovery, and resilience focused
Integrated service experiences for clients and their families
County of San Bernardino Department of Behavioral Health
Mental Health Services Act Innovation (INN) Plan
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