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County of San Bernardino
Department of Behavioral Health
The proposal for the Bloomington Housing Project
was reviewed and approved by the
County of San Bernardino Executive Housing
Committee on November 19, 2013.
On December 6, 2013 the Department of Behavioral Health
(DBH) intends to release a notice of initiation of a
30-day public review for the Bloomington
Housing Project under the Mental Health Services Act
(MHSA) Housing program.
The plan for the MHSA Housing
Program, Bloomington Housing Project
in the unincorporated area of the County
called Bloomington, will be posted online for
review and public comment from
December 6, 2013 – January 5, 2014
Comment forms are posted in both English and Spanish
for you to provide feedback.
For questions, concerns, interpretation services or requests
for disability-related accommodations please call
Douglas M. Fazekas at (909) 387-8619 or 7-1-1 for TTY users.
Please request accommodations at least 7 business days
prior to the meeting.
The California Housing Finance Agency and the
State Department of Mental Health have jointly allocated
approximately $20 million in funds to the
Department of Behavioral Health Housing Program.
Revised 09/12
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