Legislative Position Letters

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Assembly Budget Committee - Increased Funding for OHV

Senate Budget Committee - Increased Funding for OHV

CHFFA Grant Extension

Home Safe

Graduate Medical Education Payments

CalWORKs Single Allocation

AB 2 (Obernolte) Hate crimes: peace officers

AB 53 (Steinorth) Homeownership Savings Accounts

AB 74 (Chiu) Housing

AB 210 (Santiago) Homeless multidisciplinary personnel team

AB 234 (Steinorth) Student financial aid: Assumption Program of Loans for Education

AB 236 (Maienschein) CalWORKs housing assistance

AB 255 (Gallagher) Sexually violent predators: out-of-county placement

AB 278 (Steinorth) CEQA Exemptions

AB 292 (Steinorth) Rescue Pet Deduction

AB 347 (Chau) Weights and measures: inspection: fees

AB 550 (Reyes) State Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program: funding

AB 600 (Cooper) Electric power generation

AB 755 (Garcia) California Museums for All grant program

AB 818 (Burke) CalWORKs: welfare to work

AB 912 (Obernolte) California Small Business Regulatory Fairness Act

AB 1077 (O'Donnell) Off Highway Vehicles

AB 1111 (Garcia) Removing Barriers to Employment Act

AB 1164 (Thurmond) Foster care placement: funding

AB 1330 (Reyes) Park property: Ayala Park

AB 1404 (Berman) CEQA - categorical exemption: infill development.

AB 1406 (Gloria) Homeless Youth Housing Program

AB 1665 (Garcia) Telecommunications: California Advanced Services Fund

HR 497 (Cook) The Santa Ana River Wash Plan Exchange Act

HR 588 (Pallone) Securing Access to Networks in Disasters Act

S 357 (Feinstein) The Santa Ana River Wash Plan Exchange Act

S 412 (Peters) State and Local Cyber Protection Act of 2017

SB 9 (Gaines) State Responsibility Areas Repeal

SB 39 (Roth) Suspension and allocation of judgeships

SB 58 (McGuire) Wildlife management areas: payment of taxes and assessments

SB 69 (Bates) Sex offenders: GPS monitoring: removal

SB 202 (Dodd) Medi-Cal: beneficiary maintenance needs: personal needs allowance

SB 249 (Allen) Off-highway motor vehicle recreation

SB 600 (Galgiani) Electric power generation