Legislative Position Letters

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CalWORKs Housing Program Budget Request

Commerically Exploited Children Program Budget Request

Medi-Cal Administration Budget Request

WIOA Program Budget Request

Adult Protective Services Budget Request

Ombudsman Program Funding

December 2nd_Request to Budget Conference Committee

December 2nd_Request to Assembly Budget Committee

December 2nd_Request to Senate Budget Committee

Public Health Nurse Funding Budget Request

CARB Research Facility Riverside

AB 466 (Brown) Letter to the Governor

AB 1238 (Linder) Electronic Request of Vital Records

AB 1569 (Steinorth) CEQA Exemption for Roads

AB 1655 (Dodd) Personal and Incidental Allowance Persons in a Medical Institution

AB 1702 (Stone) Sexually Exploited Children Protection

AB 1736 (Steinorth) Homoeownership Savings Account

AB 1758 (Stone) Telecommunications: California Advanced Services Fund

AB 1968 (Steinorth) Affordable Housing Sustainable Communities

AB 2202 (Baker) Human Trafficking

AB 2255 (Melendez) Drug and Alcohol-Free Residences

AB 2341 (Obernolte) Additional Judgeships

AB 2448 (Burke) CalWORKs Education Participation

AB 2558 (Steinorth) Political Reform Act San Bernardino County

AB 2636 (Linder) – Electronic Request of Vital Records

AB 2636 (Linder) Letter to the Governor

AB 2642 (Garcia) Breaking Down Barriers to Employment

AB 2686 (Mullin) Elections: all-mailed ballot elections

AB 2686 (Mullin) Letter to the Governor

AB 2821 (Chiu) Letter to the Governor

AB 2821 (Chiu) Medi-Cal Housing Program

SB 807 (Gaines) Drone Liability

SB 807 (Gaines) Letter to the Governor

SB 810 (Gaines) Unmanned Aircraft: Fire Interference

SB 815 (Hernandez) Medi-Cal: demonstration project

SB 867 (Roth) EMS Funding

SB 893 (Nguyen) Tuition Waiver for Dependents of 12.2 Terrorist Attack

SB 906 (Beall) Public postsecondary education: priority enrollment systems

SB 906 (Beall) Letter to the Governor

SB 967 (Vidak) Elections

SB 1023 (Judiciary Committee) Judgeships

SB 1136 (Morrell) SRA Expenditure Reporting

SB 1212 (Hueso) 2-1-1 information and referral network

SB 1212 (Hueso) Letter to the Governor

SB 1305 (Morrell) Letter to the Governor

SB 1305 (Morrell) San Bernardino County Transportation Authority

SB 1380 (Mitchell) Homeless Coordinating and Financing Council

SB 1385 (Leyva) December 2nd Attack Reimbursement

SB 1385 (Leyva) Letter to the Governor