Legislative Position Letters

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STD Funding Asm Sub 1

Go BIZ Senate Sub 4

Go Biz Assembly Sub 4

VA Funding Assembly Sub 4

VA Funding Senate Sub 4

STD Funding Sen Sub 3

IHSS Asm Sub 1

California Advanced Services Fund (CASF)

Inland Empire Regional Energy Network

Route 66 Scenic Byway Project

Implementation of Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT)

Staggers Rail Act

Telehealth Flexibility - Assembly Budget

Telehealth Flexibility - Senate Budget

Assessment Appeals Dealdine

Advanced Transportation and Congestion Management Technologies Deployment (ATCMTD) Initiative

Santa Ana River Trail Project

AB 235 (Mayes) Endangered species: candidate species: petitions: takings

AB 331 (Medina) Pupil instruction: high school graduation requirements: ethnic studies

AB 1035 (Ramos) COVID-19 emergency: small businesses: immunity from civil liability

AB 1384 (O'Donnell) - Local educational agencies: liability for COVID-19-related injuries

AB 1907 (Santiago) CEQA: emergency shelters: supportive and affordable housing: exemption

AB 1994 (Holden) Eligibility

AB 2367 (Gonzalez) Fire Insurance

AB 2421 (Quirk) Land use: emergency standby generators

AB 2688 (Cervantes) Veterans: veterans service officers

AB 2739 (Weber) Medi-Cal: monthly maintenance amount: personal and incidental needs

AB 3224 (Rodriguez) Local health department workforce assessment

H.R. 5516 (Levin) Commitment to Veteran Support and Outreach Act

HR 7302 (Clyburn) high-speed broadband infrastructure

S. 3422 Great American Outdoors Act

SB 793 (Hill) Flavored Tobacco Products

SB 815 Related to Assessment Appeals

SB 1347 (Galgiani) Veterinary medicine: authorized care and registration

SOAA, H.R. 4334 Supporting Older Americans Act