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Collaborative Partnerships

Collaborative Partnerships
Children’s Network
Under the direction of the San Bernardino County Children's Policy Council, Children's Network concerns itself with "children at risk" who are defined as minors who, because of behavior, abuse, neglect, medical needs, educational assessment, and/or detrimental daily living situation, are eligible for services from one or more of the constituent agencies of the Children's Network. A variety of public and private agencies deliver a broad and occasionally confusing, and , sometimes, inadequate array of direct services to these children. The overall goal of the Children's Network is to help "children at risk" by improving communications, planning, coordination and cooperation among youth serving agencies; identifying gaps and overlaps in services; providing a forum for clarifying perceptions and expectations among agencies and between agencies and the community; setting priorities for interagency projects; and implementing collaborative programs, public and private, to better served children and youth.

ExecNet is a collaborative of nonprofit executive directors dedicated to supporting high performing, results-driven nonprofits in the West End of San Bernardino County and Pomona Valley. ExecNet’s fiscal sponsor is Reach Out West End. Goals of ExecNet are to increase the effectiveness of nonprofit organizations to build their power and impact by providing a platform for collective action on policy issues and increased philanthropic investment in our communities; to provide the voice of nonprofits to advocate for the most inclusive climate possible for the growth and development of civil society; to be an active partner in providing avenues for technical assistance to our member agencies, their staff and boards. If you have questions please contact Diana Fox at (909) 982-8641.

High Desert Resource Network
High Desert Resource Network is a nonprofit organization formed in 2000 with the mission to support and strengthen community benefit organizations through technical assistance, resource development, networking and community education. HDRN is a member of the Alliance for Nonprofit Management, the California Management Assistance Partnership, and the California Association of Nonprofits' Regional Partner Network. With more than 500 partners including its 150+ members, businesses and foundations, HDRN is a recognized nonprofit leader, convener and capacity builder for this vital segment of the region's infrastructure.

Inland Empire Minority Lead Resource Development Collaborative
The mission of the Inland Empire Minority Lead Resource Development Collaborative is to obtain financial and human resources to increase the funding capacity of community-based organizations and faith-based organizations to provide interventions, programs, and services to minority ethnic communities and persons with unmet needs. The Collaborative accomplishes this by developing alliances, strengthening infrastructure and building capacity with organizations involved in reducing health, economic, educational and social disparities in underserved and underrepresented minorities in the Inland Empire.

Latino Health Collaborative
The Latino Health Collaborative (LHC) is focused on eliminating health disparities by harnessing the strength of the community. The LHC is an action-oriented solution-focused coalition of community representatives and uniquely positioned to address the health disparities in our region. The LHC's work is geared towards moving all healthcare stakeholders towards eliminating racial/ethnic disparities in health and healthcare.

Nonprofit Executive Network
The Nonprofit Executive Network was first established to encourage executives from nonprofits to meet for the purpose of exchanging ideas, information and knowledge with each other. The Network has morphed over the past few years into an organization that includes executives as well as a wide variety of community-minded individuals such as senior staff of nonprofits, foundations, and governmental organizations. They meet to seek information, exchange ideas, and find ways to build the capacity of their nonprofit organizations through partnership, collaboration, and education.

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San Bernardino Capacity Building Consortium
The San Bernardino County Capacity Building Consortium (SBCBC) is a key collaborative of regional nonprofit networks, United Ways, County government, private consultants, and the local Community Foundation. The Consortium exists to increase the capacity of San Bernardino County’s community benefit organizations to fulfill their missions by providing a platform for collective action, increased philanthropy, and public investment in our communities. Through this work, SBCBC assists nonprofit agencies and their partners to be effective, responsive, innovative, and sustainable.

San Bernardino County Homeless Partnership
By order of the Board of Supervisors in September 2007, the San Bernardino County Homeless Partnership (SBCHP) was formed to provide a more focused approach to issues of homelessness within the County. The Partnership consists of community and faith-based organizations, educational institutions, non profit organizations, private industry, and federal, state, and local governments. SBCHP was developed to promote a strong collaboration between agencies to direct the planning, development, and implementation of the County’s 10-year Strategy to end chronic homelessness. The Partnership provides leadership in creating a comprehensive countywide network of service delivery to the homeless and near homeless families and individuals through facilitating better communication, planning, coordination, and cooperation among all entities that provide services and/or resources for the relief of homelessness in San Bernardino County.