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The San Bernardino County Grants Office frequently supports trainings throughout the county and sends valuable grant opportunities out to nonprofits and county employees. If your organization would like to receive information regarding grant opportunities and upcoming trainings, please click on the link.
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"Thank you so much for that link. I've been trying for forever to get us some recycling bins. You're such a huge help!! " -   Amanda Gonzalez, Recovery Center

"I really appreciate the dedication and the intelligence with which the Grants Office Team approaches the coordination of events. You make us proud! " -   Frances Vasquez, Field Representative for Supervisor Josie Gonzales

"Thank you for this service. It is great to know that the county is trying to help us in every way they can. " -   Darryl Evey, High Desert Domestic Violence Program

"Thank you for the opportunity to continue to receive your grant information. I find it very helpful. " -   Cheryl Thompson, Lewis Center for Educational Research

"I attended the workshop yesterday and I received a lot of good information. I feel empowered. You both did a great job. Thank you! " -   Shirley Douglas Tyler, Visitation Agency

"Thanks for the excellent presentation. I really got a lot out of the workshop. " -   Don Farnham, Samaritan Counseling Center

"The Grants Office Team is a great addition to the County. It is a HUGE help to have someone actively looking for grant opportunities. We have written and received several grants thanks to you making us aware of the opportunity. Thank you for helping not-for-profits in the county acquire much needed funds to better serve the residences in our community. THANKS. " -   P.T. McEwen, Chief Professional Officer, Boys & Girls Clubs of Redlands

""You guys rock. Thanks for this resource [ARRA Funding Information] and all that you do!" " -   Ann Ronan, American Association of Grant Professionals

"Thank you; this [Grant Research Report] is very helpful! " -   Wytske G. Visser, Inland Valley Hope Partners

"I just wanted to say that this [GOStream Tool] is fantastic! Thanks so much for the work you do for us. You all are amazing! " -   Cynthia Rollins, Social Action Community Health System (SACHS)

"Thank you so much! This [GOStream Tool] is a wonderful resource! " -   Susan Gomez, Another Way

"This [GOStream Tool] is so excellent. Thank you for making our lives so much easier……. " -   Jerri Smith, Community Hospital of San Bernardino

"BTW – this [GOStream Tool] looks GREAT!! :) " -   Leanne Drieberg, Inland Temporary Homes

"I love it [GOStream Tool]! I have found 3 or 4 good matches and have done a couple letters of inquiry. I appreciate all the legwork your team is doing. It seems there is not enough time in the day for me to do that. Thank you! " -   Sandy Fleck, Reach Out Morongo Basin