2008 Annual Report
                            Message from the Chair
                            Board of Supervisors
                            Message from the CAO
                            County Profile
                            State of the County
                            2008 in Review
                                     Public Safety
                                     Healthy Communities
                                     Arts, Culture and Tourism
                                     Economic Development and Recovery
                                     Green County
                                     Good Government
                                     Outstanding Employees 2008
                                     Golden Guardian
                                     County National Awards
                                     County Organizational Chart
                                     Quick Facts by Department
                                     Facts and Figures
                 2009-10 Business Plan
                            Table of Contents
                                     CLERK OF THE BOARD OF SUPERVISORS
                                     COUNTY ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICE
                                     COUNTY COUNSEL
                                     HUMAN RESOURCES
                                     INFORMATION SERVICES
                                     RISK MANAGEMENT
                            Economic Development
                                     ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT AGENCY
                                     ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT
                                     COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT AND HOUSING
                                     WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT
                                     TREASURER-TAX COLLECTOR/PULIC ADMINISTRATOR
                            Health Care
                                     ARROWHEAD REGIONAL MEDICAL CENTER
                                     BEHAVIORAL HEALTH
                                     PUBLIC HEALTH
                            Human Services
                                     AGING AND ADULT SERVICES
                                     CHILD SUPPORT SERVICES
                                     HUMAN SERVICES – ADMINISTRATIVE CLAIM
                                     TRANSITIONAL ASSISTANCE
                                     CHILDREN’S SERVICES
                                     PRESCHOOL SERVICES
                                     VETERANS AFFAIRS
                            Law and Justice
                                     DISTRICT ATTORNEY
                                     LAW AND JUSTICE GROUP ADMINISTRATION
                                     PUBLIC DEFENDER
                                     SHERIFF – CORONER
                            Public and Support Services
                                     AGRICULTURE/WEIGHTS & MEASURES
                                     ARCHITECTURE & ENGINEERING
                                     COUNTY LIBRARY
                                     COUNTY MUSEUM
                                     FACILITIES MANAGEMENT
                                     FLEET MANAGEMENT DEPARTMENT
                                     LAND USE SERVICES DEPARTMENT
                                     PUBLIC WORKS
                                     REAL ESTATE SERVICES
                                     REGIONAL PARKS
                                     REGISTRAR OF VOTERS
                                     SAN BERNARDINO COUNTY FIRE DEPARTMENT
                                     SPECIAL DISTRICTS
                            Capital Improvment Program

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